There is competition for News at 9:00… in Nashville.

WSMV-TV 4 / Nashville (“WSMV Channel 4”)
WSMV-DT 4.2 / Nashville (“Heartland”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: This newscast has actually been on-the-air for several months now and it debuted earlier this year. People may not know this, but they can turn to WSMV Channel 4.2, Comcast 230, Charter 91, North Central Telephone 127 and other cable providers in Nashville for Heathland, a 24/7 network devoted to country music and it’s lifestyle. What people also may not know about is that WSMV 4 offers an hour-long weeknight-only newscast at 9:00 p.m. over on Heartland Nashville. Titled Channel 4 News at 9:00 on Heartland Nashville (even though TV listings call it as WSMV Local News or just Local News), the newscast secretly competes with the longer-established 9:00 p.m. newscast on WZTV FOX 17 in Nashville. There was no announcement about this when it first started as it was quietly added over the digital subchannel and nobody knew about it until the newscast premiered. So, if you live in Nashville and want an alternative choice for News at 9:00, then turn to the hour-long Channel 4 News at 9:00 on Heartland Nashville. That’s WSMV Channel 4.2 over-the-air and on cable providers listed above. Congrats WZTV FOX 17! You now have company.


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