In Toledo, expansions are happening on Channels 13 and 24…

WNWO-TV 24 / Toledo (“NBC 24”)
WTVG 13 / Toledo (“13abc”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG (other than The Toledo Blade): Well well… isn’t this a great time in Toledo ? 2 stations are expanding their news operations by adding newscasts. One will be added very soon while the other is gonna be added as early as January. Let’s start with WNWO 24…

Starting September 8th, WNWO 24 will add an hour-long 5:00 p.m. newscast called NBC 24 News at 5:00. It’s an effort from Sinclair Broadcast Group (the un-godful owners of WNWO 24) to ramp up the station and make it’s newscasts compete with it’s rivals, once again. The newscast will be anchored by news director Jim Blue and Toledo news-veteran Laura Emerson, who returned to Toledo this year after anchoring and reporting for WPSD 6 (NBC) in Paducah, KY. Laura was part of WUPW 36’s original news team from 1996 until she left in 2012 (she left 4 months before WUPW 36’s in-house news department was shut down in favor of newscasts from WTOL 11). This could be good for a station that has always been in last place in the ratings. But there’s also another expansion…

… WTVG 13 is scheduled to launch CW 13 on September 1st at 4:00 a.m., bringing viewers in Northwestern Ohio, a CW over-the-air station for the very first time, as it would be on WTVG-DT 13.2 (replacing the Live Well Network, which is scheduled to shut down in January of 2015). This will help expand the presence of the CW network in Toledo and for WTVG as well. Why? Because WTVG 13 will launch an hour-long 10:00 p.m. newscast for CW 13, sometime as early as January. It would help expand the presence of 13abc Action News, which recently has been the #1 news station in Northwestern Ohio, displacing long-time leader WTOL 11.

The Toledo market is getting hot… very hot indeed, news-wise of course.


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