KEYT is ready to give California’s Central Coast, a midday newscast…

KEYT-TV 3 / Santa Barbara – Santa Maria – San Luis Obispo, CA (“Channel 3”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: California’s Central Coast is about to experience, a new kind of newscast. A kind of newscast that so many of us Americans have that the California Central Coast hasn’t had in quite a while. I’ll explain further…

… For the first time in possibly quite some time, California’s Central Coast will have a midday newscast again. That’s because starting tomorrow September 8th, KEYT 3 is expected to add a half-hour midday newscast at 11:00 a.m. The new newscast will be the ONLY one on at midday in that area. This will be a rare and great occurrence, since this area and the Monterrey Bay Area only have 2 midday newscasts, COMBINED (the other is KSBW 8’s Action News 8 at Noon, serving the Monterrey Bay Area).

Add this newscast to the list of newscasts that will be debuting on September 8th. That post is coming up shortly.

Btw, just to let you know, KEYT 3’s news department is now in part with KCOY 12/KKFX-CA 24 (Cable Ch. 11, will use 11 for the rest of the post) for producing local newscasts. KEYT 3’s owners News-Press and Gazette Company took over operations of KCOY 12 under a SSA (Shared Services Agreement). KEYT 3’s owners brought KKFX-CA 11 in December of 2013 and took over operations of KCOY 12, under the SSA. Therefore it makes KEYT 3/KKFX-CA 11 as the duopoly partners with KCOY 12 being as a secondary station for the triopoly. Hope you understand it.

Anyways, back to the topic, alot of newscasts are debuting on September 8th. Trust me.


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