KXVA and KIDY to expand news coverage to early evenings in Abilene and San Angelo.

KXVA 15 / Abilene – Sweetwater, TX (“KXVA FOX Abilene”)
KIDY 6 / San Angelo, TX (“KIDY FOX San Angelo”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG (other than TVNewsTalk.net): 2 of Gannett’s smallest stations is expanding to early evening news coverage for the very first time, but since both stations only use 1 studio to broadcast the news, the newscasts will be different for each station.

Starting September 22nd, KIDY 6 will add a new half-hour newscast called KIDY FOX News First at 6:00 while KXVA 15 will also add a new half-hour newscast that will be similarly called KXVA FOX News First at 6:30. The newscasts will be produced at the KIDY 6 studios in San Angelo, as they have been since the debut of news coverage in January 2014, with each station having locally-based reporters for each newscast. This is both stations’ first entry into expansion of their newscasts, ever since the stations were brought by Gannett earlier in May of 2014.

As we said earlier, it was only in January of 2014 (at the time under London Broadcasting ownership) that KXVA 15 and KIDY 6 launched their own news coverage with a newscast at 9:00 on KXVA 15 and at 9:30 on KIDY 6. Both stations utilize the same team for news, weather and sports, while reports are done by locally-based reporters.

This is the first time these stations are venturing into early evening news coverage. In Abilene, the 6:30 p.m. newscast will be the ONLY ones on in that area while in San Angelo, it would compete against KSAN 3, KLST 8 and KTXE-LP 38 (which rebroadcasts KTXS 12 from Abilene) for news at 6:00 p.m. We’ll see how each one does, very soon.


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