KRIS now has a Sunday 9:00 p.m. newscast for The CW and KDF.

KRIS-TV 6 / Corpus Christi, TX (“6 News”)
KRIS-DT 6.2 / Corpus Christi, TX (“The CW South Texas”)
K47DF-D2 47.2 / Corpus Christi, TX (“KDF-TV”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: I would have never thought of mentioning a South Texas addition or expansion on this blog, but for those who read up on South Texas stuff or about Texas in general, here’s your chance.

KRIS 6 has recently expanded their weeknight 9:00 p.m. newscast to Sundays, but is still not broadcast on Saturdays. The 9:00 p.m. newscast is seen on KRIS-DT 6.2, otherwise known as The CW South Texas and K47DF-D2 47.2, otherwise known as KDF-TV, a play on it’s callsign. Just like the weeknight 9:00 p.m. broadcast, the Sunday edition is also for half-hour and also just like the weeknight broadcast, the Sunday 9:00 p.m. newscast is the ONLY ones on in South Texas. The newscast is anchored by KRIS 6’s weekend news team.

Basically, that’s all we got from this area.


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