If you don’t see us post anything tomorrow, here’s why…

… #1: Either no news of additions, expansions, launches, moves, starts of local newscasts or #2…


Happy Veterans Day 2014! We really do thank all the service men and women who have protected our country and who have protected our freedom. Without any of them, America wouldn’t be the same and this country would possibly be in hell by now. We thank you to all who served. Enjoy your day, Veterans.

If some news comes tomorrow, then we won’t post it until Wednesday. Our staff (just me; Basically, I’m running a 1-person blog staff) will take the day off tomorrow and will return on Wednesday.

Btw, to those readers of this blog, we can’t thank you enough! We’ve enjoyed the outpouring of views into our blog and it’s been overwhelming. But please, keep sending in your tips to us. We wanna be the first in breaking the latest news about local newscasts. And that’s what we strive for. Even with the holiday tomorrow, please keep sending in your tips.  We are proud of this blog and we’ll keep it on as long as we have blog support from readers, all across the nation. We are THE leader in The Latest News about Local Newscasts… The Changing Newscasts Blog. Thank you all.

– Roly, the Blogposter.


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