2 newscast cut downs in Baton Rouge and Detroit.

WAFB 9 / Baton Rouge (“9 News”)
WDIV-TV 4 / Detroit (“Local 4”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: That was a lot quicker than what I would have thought. Just weeks after one of the newscasts on both stations were expanded to an hour, they are now cut down. We’ll explain now.

First off… WAFB 9 has cut down their Saturday and Sunday 10:00 p.m. newscasts, just weeks after expanding it. They are back to their half-hour format after expanding it to an hour, just weeks ago.

Also… just weeks ago, WDIV 4 expanded their noon newscast to an hour. But now, it’s back to it’s half-hour format as well. And yes, both do have competition in the markets, within the half-hour formats in those timeslots.

Just another cutback for stations like WAFB 9 and WDIV 4.


2 thoughts on “2 newscast cut downs in Baton Rouge and Detroit.

    • I should add that WXYZ 7 is the only noon news other than WDIV 4 in Detroit. WJBK 2 runs Wendy Williams. It’s midday newscast is from 11-12 and is the bookend to it 430am-12pm news block.


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