NBC North Dakota has primetime news for West Dakota FOX.

KFYR-TV 5 / Bismarck, ND (“NBC North Dakota”)
KQCD-TV 7 / Dickinson, ND (“NBC North Dakota”)
KMOT-TV 10 / Minot, ND (“NBC North Dakota”)
KUMV-TV 8 / Williston, ND (“NBC North Dakota”)
KFYR-DT 5.2 / Bismarck, KQCD-DT 7.2 / Dickinson, KMOT-DT 10.2 / Minot and KUMV-DT 8.2 / Williston (“West Dakota FOX”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Well well. We get to talk about Western North Dakota now and here’s some news for you.

Since October, the subchannels of KFYR 5, KQCD 7, KMOT 10 and KUMV 8, otherwise known as NBC North Dakota have been broadcasting a weeknight half-hour 9:00 p.m. newscast for West Dakota FOX, the stations’ recently new subchannel.

The newscast is called West Dakota FOX News at 9:00 and is anchored by Baha Eldin with NBC North Dakota First Warn Weather from Meteorologist Henry Blakes. The newscast is the ONLY ones on in the market at 9:00 p.m. as KX Television (KXMA 2, KXMB 12, KXMC 13 and KXMD 11) doesn’t produce one at all. KBMY 17 and KMCY 14 doesn’t have a news department at all and simulcasts some newscasts from WDAY 6 in Fargo and WDAZ 8 in Grand Forks.

Enjoy your primetime news, Western North Dakota.


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