Look who’s coming back to deliver local news in Evansville after 14 years…

WEVV-TV 44 / Evansville (“CBS 44”)

Well well… look who’s coming back to deliver local news in Evansville after a 14 year break… WEVV 44.

14 years after airing its last newscast (2001), WEVV 44 will soon be owned by Texas-based Bayou City Broadcasting and when it does, the station will air local news coverage once again. The deal is expected to finalize over the next month and WEVV 44’s general manager Tim Black says that the new owner wants local news to return to the programming. They haven’t had a local newscast since 2001.

WEVV 44 is affiliated with CBS and is also affiliated with FOX/MyNetwork TV on DT2 and on W47EE-D 47. This is great news for a market that seems to be growing now.


2 thoughts on “Look who’s coming back to deliver local news in Evansville after 14 years…

  1. WEVV-44 was/is one of a few major network affiliated stations lacking news broadcasts. Other stations that stand out…

    – WWJ-62: CBS has put little to no effort with its Detroit station. Most recent news experiment was “First Forecast Mornings” that aired on WWJ and WKBD-50 for 3 years. “First Forecast” weather and traffic updates still remain intact. Otherwise, no traditional newscasts at Noon, 6PM, & 11PM. Former CBS parent company Viacom shuttered WKBD-50 news operation in 2002, which produced WWJ newscast for a very short time. There was Fox-New World merger from 20 years ago, when WJBK-2 ended its then 46-year union with CBS to hitch up with Fox… CBS losing several other legacy/heritage stations to Fox in Atlanta, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay as well.
    – KDNL-30: Sinclair shuttered previous in-house news broadcast in October 2001. From January 2011-December 2013, KSDK-5 produced “St. Louis Now” newscasts for KDNL. Sinclair is reportedly looking to revive St. Louis ABC affiliate newscast in 2015, however, it won’t be a traditional newscast.
    – WTWC-40: Tallahassee NBC affiliate hasn’t aired news broadcasts since 2000. Weather updates are produced via sister station WEAR-3 (ABC Pensacola/Mobile). Not sure if Sinclair has plans to revive WTWC news operation anytime soon.

    Honorable mentions. WPGH-53 (Fox Pittsburgh), WXLV-45 (ABC Greensboro), WNAC-64 (Fox Providence), KMSB-11 (Fox Tucson), WFLX-29 (Fox West Palm Beach). WPGH has had news share agreement with WPXI-11 since 2006. WXLV has had news share agreement with News 14 Carolina since 2012. WNAC has had news share agreement with WPRI-12 (CBS) since 1996… WNAC and WPRI are considered a de facto duopoly. KMSB has had news share agreement with KOLD-13 (CBS) since 2012. WFLX has had current news share agreement with WPTV-5 (NBC) since 2011… previous news share agreement with WPEC-12 (CBS) that lasted 19 years (1991-2010). WPGH, WXLV, WNAC, KMSB, and WFLX lack their own in-house news operations… although they do get some credit for having a news broadcast, even if the news broadcast is produced by an outside news operation.

    I believe WMGT-41 and WLTZ-38 went 12 and 14 years, respectively, not producing news broadcasts. Both stations have since returned to broadcasting news (WMGT re-launched in 2004, while WLTZ re-launched in 2007), and both NBC stations in Georgia appear to be doing very good. With WEVV returning to broadcasting news next year, I hope its newscasts will be around for years to come.


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