WDAY/WDAZ to broadcast its “First News” on Saturday mornings.

WDAY-TV 6 / Fargo (“WDAY 6 Television”)
WDAZ-TV 8 / Devils Lake – Grand Forks (“WDAZ 8 Television”)
KBMY 17 / Bismarck and KMCY 14 / Minot (“KBMY/KMCY”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: I understand, its late. We are at the midnight hour EST as of this post, but I saw something last night and I had to report it. Just in case TVSpy, TVNewsCheck or FTVLive reports on this later, other than the Newspapers in North Dakota that are owned by Forum Communications that have reported on this and WDAY/WDAZ itself, this is truly FIRST ON THE BLOG, since no other local TV news media source (TVSpy, TVNewsCheck, FTVLive, etc.) has reported on this yet. And this is a historic first for North Dakota.

Starting later this morning, WDAY 6 in Fargo, WDAZ 8 in Grand Forks, KBMY 17 in Bismarck and KMCY 14 in Minot (all owned by Forum Communications and all ABC stations, as you can tell) as well as WDAY’Z Xtra on 6.3, 8.3, 17.3 and 14.3 respectively will begin airing a historic first, a LIVE one-hour Saturday morning newscast. First News Saturday will air LIVE from 7:00-8:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings on the stations mentioned. The program, according to WDAY, will be anchored by Becky Palmer with StormTracker Weather from meteorologist Kellen Peters. GMA Weekend will be moved an hour earlier to 6:00 a.m. to accommodate the new hour-long Saturday morning newscast.

This is a historic first and it will become the ONLY weekend morning newscast in the Red River Valley (Fargo/Grand Forks) and in Western North Dakota (Bismarck/Minot/Williston/Dickinson). The program will be available LIVE on WDAY.com, WDAZ.com and on the Watch WDAY/Watch WDAZ smartphone apps. And no, WDAY/WDAZ will not broadcast a Sunday morning newscast, opting to air ABC News and religious programming, instead.

Truly a historic first and I’m glad WDAY/WDAZ is taking these historic first steps into getting the viewers, something they’ve never had before. And I’m glad about that.


3 thoughts on “WDAY/WDAZ to broadcast its “First News” on Saturday mornings.

  1. Why not a Sunday Morning newscast? Why only Saturdays and not Sundays? There’s also other TV stations that have only Saturday morning newscasts but no Sunday morning newscasts. Some large TV stations that broadcast only Saturday morning news but no Sunday morning news are KOB-TV 4 in Albuquerque where I live. KARE-TV 11 in MSP, KHTV-TV 11 in Little Rock, WLTV-TV 12 in Jacksonville, FL, and WHIO-TV in Dayton Ohio For a long time KIRO-TV 7 in Seattle only had just a Saturday Morning newscast until they expanded a Sunday Morning newscast last year.


    • *KTHV 11
      *WTLV 12 (even though they do produce a Sunday morning newscast for sister station WJXX 25)

      WSVN 7 in Miami (where I live) is another station that does news on Saturday mornings, but not on Sunday mornings, due to religious programming.

      KATV 7, also in Little Rock, also only does Saturday morning news and not Sunday mornings.


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