New features to the blog.

This is not a news item, but we want to point out the new features to our blog and we are always looking for ways to improve this blog.

Earlier today, I made changes to the following:

  • I recently added a search box at the top so that you can type what you’re looking for and just look back to any post I have made. It’s a good feature for reference.
  • I also added a section where if you couldn’t find the “Follow” part at the bottom of the website, then I added a “Follow” section on the side where you can just click on it, type your email and you’ll receive the latest updates from my blog via email. Only 7 people are following my blog right now, so we hope for these followers to spread the word about this site because we really wanna catch on.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve this site as well as any new features that we can try to add. We’ll post a contact form soon that will be separate from the tips box where you can contact us and tell us what you like, what you dislike, what needs improvement, etc. and I really do wanna hear from you. I will read each one. Tell us your opinion. That will be set up soon.

We do thank you to those who follow our site and read our site. It really does mean a lot to me and it allows me to continue this. You guys made us The Leader in The Latest News about Local NewscastsThe Changing Newscasts Blog.

PS, I hope you guys don’t mind following my twitter accounts. (you can follow them on the sidebar of this blog.)

  • @itsRoly4266 – My personal-related twitter. I talk about whatever I want and nothing is off-topics. I let my mind loose and just say what’s in my mind.
  • @WMFLNC6 – My news-related twitter. The latest top stories from my Fantasy TV (FTV World) station, WMFL NewsChannel 6.

I just hope you don’t mind. Haha. Enjoy your night everyone.


2 thoughts on “New features to the blog.

  1. I seen WMFL Corperation on WMFL Wiki. It is very impressive. I wish we lived in a WMFL alternate universe. In a WMFL alternate universe I think there would be a lot more local newscasts on all the networks. Because In the WMFL universe WMFL owned stations have local newscasts at pretty much all hours like from like WMFL-TV 6 having local newscasts at 4:00am- to 10:00am in the morning, 2 hour midday news blocks, evening news block from 4:00pm to 8:00pm and 2 hour late news blocks from 10:00p-12:00m. In a WMFL universe I think local ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates would have more local newscasts and maybe even local newscasts from 7:00am too 9:00am to compete with WMFL news stations. Plus you have sub digital channels on WMFL owned stations that have 24-hour local all day news. All the WMFL owned radio stations have 24-hour all day local news which we had in pretty much every market until conseravitve talk radio bought up the air time on them and changed them from all news radio to talk radio which I think is one of the reason the Grand United States of America is so polarized because of talk radio. Plus on the WMFL wiki WMFL has 24-hour local cable all day news channels. Like for example NY 1 would be runned by WMFL or Bay 9 News being owned by WMFL. I think in a WMFL universal local TV stations of all networks would care and invest in local news and its content instead we are living in this real world crappy universe where sometimes I think TV stations could sometimes care less about investing in local news. I think in a WMFL universe there would be a lot more local news content on local newscasts instead of having a lot of national and international news on local news. I think in a WMFL universe National News Channel with in real life is CNN would have true blue hard news on there channel instead of opinionated news we have in this crappy reality. So you would have a better national and international news product in a WMFL universe. I think in a WMFL universe the Grand United States of America would be more united. I think in a WMFL universe TV stations would less likely cancel local newscast and would have a very good reason to cancel a newscast if they did instead of making up excuses to do it. I think media would be held more accountable in a WMFL universe. I think WMFL might be a great fantasy universe to live in. I am with you on WMFL


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