I’m on vacation, but that doesn’t mean I stop reporting…

Yeah, you heard that right. I’m on a mini-vacation (yes, mini because its only 3 days). I am currently at a city in Central Florida that I will not mention, due to safety concerns. However, just because I am on vacation, doesn’t mean that I will stop reporting for a few days.

So even though I will enjoy this mini-vacation, that does not mean I will stop on reporting the latest additions or expansions or whatever tips I get. Please keep sending them in. I read each tip through mostly email, because its the fastest way I receive these tips, although I also see tips through Twitter @itsRoly4266.

I may do some limited reporting due to my vacation and if so, I will return to full and normal operations on Tuesday (unless earlier, due to plenty of tips). Enjoy your great long weekend everybody and happy MLK Day! (For those who don’t work, enjoy the extra day! For those who don’t, then I’m sorry for you and just make the most of it.)


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