KWTV adds a noon simulcast for KSBI. Not much, but its a start.

KWTV-DT 9 / Oklahoma City (“News 9”)
KSBI 52 / Oklahoma City (“KSBI”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Its been a while since I posted something. How are you guys?! Maybe I’m thinking of starting a twitter feed for this blog or a forum discussion. Idk, whatever. Anyways, I received a tip from T.L. about a simulcast taking place in OKC. Its not a new newscast, but rather a simulcast of one.

KSBI 52 has recently started simulcasting its sister station KWTV 9’s News 9 at Noon. The half-hour weekday broadcast started simulcast on KSBI 52, last week on Tuesday February 3rd. The newscast features Alex Cameron and News 9 Weather with AMS/Sealed Meteorologist Jed Castles.

This is a start for KWTV 9 to add news on KSBI 52, ever since Griffin Communications bought KSBI 52 back in September of 2014 and then took over operations on December 1st, 2014. And ever since Griffin took over operations of the station, we “TV news junkies” started speculating as to when KWTV 9 will add a newscast for KSBI 52, since KWTV 9’s sister station in Tulsa, KOTV 6 does the same for their sister station, KQCW 19. KSBI 52 already carries CBS programming for KWTV 9 when that station is unable to do so, due to BREAKING NEWS or Severe Weather programming.

Other than that though, no other newscasts have been added or expanded in the O.K.C. Metro area. Let the news on KSBI 52 begin… Thank you KWTV 9.


15 thoughts on “KWTV adds a noon simulcast for KSBI. Not much, but its a start.

      • Probably a 9pm newscast coming by this Spring or Summer, perhaps a weekday morning newscast with the KWTV simulcast from 6-7am then exclusively from 7-10am probably in the Fall and then expending the weekday 9pm newscast to 60 minutes during Super Bowl week and on Super Sunday add a 30 minute 9pm newscast on weekends. That’s the way I see it happening but I co be wrong.


  1. Right but what I’m thinking is in the 9am Hour compete with KOKH’s Good Day Oklahoma and then add a 5:30 weekday newscast to compete with KOKH in that slot and the national evening newscasts from CBS, ABC and CBS plus two weekend morning newscasts one on Saturdays from 8-9am (competing with KFOR and KOCO) and then on Sunday Mornings 8-9:30am (followed by the second half hour of Face The Nation) then during the Football season they can air the early evening newscasts if a CBS game or any sporting event from CBS runs into their timeslots


  2. Hey got a quick question for you Roly, are you going to start a Twitter account or a discussion forum page for your blog? I noticed when you made this post that you mentioned about doing.


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