We need your help to make this blog grow.

Here at The Changing Newscasts Blog, I already have a small but growing reputation as the leader in The Latest News about Local Newscasts. However, I can’t just have this presence on just this site itself. I wanna find more ways to expand our audience and offer more ways to deliver stories into our blog.

I have thought of a Twitter account, as well as a Facebook page devoted to this blog, so that social media can stay updated on the latest postings. But this is where I need your help.

On this site, I posted a page from a long time ago called Looking for new features! Head over to that page and take some time to vote on a poll as to whether or not I should devote a Twitter account to this. I would start an account, create a hashtag for conversations about it and whatnot. But please vote as to whether or not I should start one. I would put the twitter account on the right side of this blog, so that you can tweet right there with any news tips (you need a Twitter account to tweet me with news tips. It’s free to sign up at Twitter.com).

I’m also looking at more than just Twitter. But what else should I do? Let me know with the contact box on that page about anything else I should add to make this blog, what it should be: As a place where TV news junkies (like myself) can get The Latest News about Local Newscasts. It’s about giving Local TV News, a place where local newscasts can be reported, just like anything else that goes on in the TV news industry. I gave it a home on August 11th, 2014 when I started this blog. And I’m proud to say that this has become one of the fastest growing TV news industry websites in America.

To all the readers who have been reading this blog and to those who submit news tips to me, I appreciate you all. Really. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you for giving this blog, plenty of support. And keep on reading and keep submitting these news tips. I appreciate you all and we will make this blog, #1. Help us make that mission.

Thank you all.

– From Roly, the blogposter.


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