A small minor newscast change… #26

WGTU 29 / Traverse City – Cadillac and WGTQ 8 / Sault Ste. Marie (“ABC 29&8”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small minor newscast change to report from Northern Michigan.

WGTU 29/WGTQ 8 no longer airs a Sunday night 11:00 p.m. newscast. I guess it was aired temporarily due to WPBN 7/WTOM 4 airing NBC’s Sunday Night Football, but now that’s over. It ran for just a few small months afterwards, but now WGTU 29/WGTQ 8 has discontinued it. The Closer airs in its place at 11:00 p.m. WGTU 29/WGTQ 8 will continue to air local news, weeknights at 6:30 and 11:00 p.m. under the name UpNorth LIVE (named after the shared website of WPBN 7/WTOM 4 and WGTU 29/WGTQ 8, since they are both operated by Sinclair).

Now its just WPBN 7/WTOM 4 and WWTV 9/WWUP 10 (the #1 news leader) with weekend news at 11:00 p.m., other than the 24-hour local news channel MI News 26 on WMNN-LD 26.

No other major additions or expansions to report at this time.


8 thoughts on “A small minor newscast change… #26

  1. I wonder if WMNN will ever make it being an over the air 24-hour all day local newschannel. I wonder if WMNN will sooner or later can its local news operation and go off the air. Its kind of a surprise that a TV Market as small as Traverse City can support a 24-hour local all day newschannel. If WMNN were to go off the air you would probably more then likely report it on this blog or this blog might be probably more then likely be the first place to hear about it. Basically WMNN is a small potatoes news operation


    • Well… WMNN-LD 26 has the financial backing to do so. Plus, its on cable and carries Antenna TV on 26.2 and QVC on 26.4, as well as movie classics on 26.3. Don’t expect MI News 26 to go anytime soon. Besides, they offer the only 10pm weekend newscast there because of their 24-hour local newschannel status.


    • Because unlike TXCN which had nothing news-related original programming since 2004, other than the weather and some the original programming left, MI News 26 is all 100% original with their own local news, weather, sports, etc.

      Based on originality of content for each day, MI News 26 delivers more of that than TXCN and because of that, that’s why MI News 26 still exists compared to TXCN.


      • I wonder if the Los Angeles Market will ever get a 24-hour local cable all day news channel? I don’t think Los Angeles has a 24-hour local all day news channel. With Time Warner being the main cable provider in LA you would think they would start a 24-hour local cable all day news channel in LA and name it LA 1 News like NY 1 News in New York City, or Time Warner Cable News Los Angeles. With the LA area being huge geographically they could support zoned 24-hour local cable all day news channels like the News 12 Networks in the New York City area. The Los Angeles area could have zoned 24-hour local cable all day news channels like for Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside and San Bernadino County. They could have News 12 Orange County, News 12 Ventura County, and News 12 Riverside and San Bernadino County. Kind of like how the NYC area has a 24-hour local cable news channel for each area like Long Island, Westhchester, New Jersey, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. I am surprise that the Los Angeles TV market does not have a 24-hour local cable all day news channel yet.


      • Even I’m surprised that L.A. doesn’t have one yet, since Chicago and New York do. Even Philadelphia doesn’t have one. LA hasn’t had a 24-hour local newschannel since 2001, just 4 days before the 9/11 attacks.


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