CORRECTION: “The Refresh,” originally started on KUTV, is not heading to KSNV… YET.

KSNV 3 / Las Vegas (“News 3”)

CORRECTION (as of 4/23/2015 at 11:20pm): We checked TV listings and apparently, nope. The Refresh has not debuted on KSNV 3 and will not debut on the station for quite some time. News 3 LIVE at 3:00/3:30 will continue to air as traditional newscasts in its place. But, this doesn’t mean the plans are completely faltered.

KSNV 3 could announce any day now when The Refresh would debut in Las Vegas. They will not make an early announcement yet or an announcement at this time. We will keep an eye on things in the Las Vegas market and we will let you know of any new developments that may come from this on The Changing Newscasts Blog. Stay tuned.

ORIGINAL POST (April 14th, 2015 at 5:43 p.m.):

FIRST ON THE BLOG: The popular social media-focused show “The Refresh,” which made its debut on Salt Lake City’s KUTV last year (replacing the hour-long 3:00 p.m. newscast) has been so successful that Sinclair is now picking up the format and expanding it. It looks like the first victim of the new expansion will be KSNV.

Starting Monday August 20th, 2015, KSNV 3 will replace News 3 LIVE at 3:00/3:30 with The Refresh, a social media-focused newscast like Right This Minute or Scripps’ The NOW, except it’s more news-focused and less on the social media stuff, even though social media will play a role on the new newscast. Unfortunately, after the move, this will put KTNV 13 as the ONLY station in Las Vegas to air a traditional-focused newscast at 3:00 and 3:30 p.m. with Channel 13 Action News at 3:00/3:30. We don’t know as to who will anchor the new program, nor do we know who will handle the weather for the news and weather segments-part of the show.

And this could be the first of many stops for the show, as Sinclair has stated months ago that they wanted to expand KUTV 2 / Salt Lake City’s The Refresh, into many different Sinclair markets because of the huge success that KUTV 2 has been receiving on the show. Well after all, KUTV 2 is #1 for local news in Utah and its the only reason why its successful, so far. It may not be true in other markets.

So let’s see how Sinclair handles this. This could be good or a bomb. We’ll find out next Monday.


4 thoughts on “CORRECTION: “The Refresh,” originally started on KUTV, is not heading to KSNV… YET.

  1. When I go on vacation to Begas I use to watch KSNV NBC 3 News. In the future when I go on vacation in Las Vegas I will probably start watching KLAS, KVVU, or KTNV for news. I will watch KVVU news in Begas at 7:00a or 8:00am since they are the only station that has local news at those hours. The rest of the time I would watch KSNV NBC 3. If I lived in Las Vegas I would have watched quit watching KSNV News because of Sinclair buying them out. I would have quit watching KSNV News in Begas because I disagree with Sinclair Political views and because of their canning of local news. I hope to god that Sinclair does not ever come into the Albuquerque Market a buy a TV station in ABQ or merge with one of the companies that currently owns one of the TV stations in ABQ. where I live. The NBC affiliate in ABQ is KOB-TV 4 which is owned by a smaller broadcasting company Hubbard the same company that owns KSTP 5 in MSP, Hubbard only owns TV stations in 3 or 4 states. I think Hubbard only owns about 7 or 8 TV stations nationwide. Hubbard is a one of the smaller family owned broadcasting companies A rarity in the news business today. KOAT-TV 7 ABC affiliate in ABQ is owned by Hearst Broadcasting same company that owns WESH-TV in Orlando in your state of Florida, KRQE 13 CBS Affiliate and KASA-TV 2 FOX affiliate, KASA TV FOX News is the same news as KRQE News a duopoly were owned by LIN Broadcasting now Media General same company that owns WISH-TV in INDY, and WFLA-TV 8 in your state of Floraida


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