A small minor newscast change… #29

KIDY 6 / San Angelo, TX (“KIDY FOX San Angelo”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Another small minor change to report and this time in West Texas in the San Angelo area.

KIDY 6, recently brought by Gannett (soon to be TEGNA) and just adopted the Gannett graphics look, has moved its late night weeknight newscast from 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. and adopting the KIDY FOX News First at 10:00 name. The newscast, anchored by Bob Brackeen and Molly Garrity with Weather from Meteorologist Barrett Phillips and Sports with Manny Diaz, is no longer in the primetime hour and is considered a late-night traditional timeslot newscast, because it now competes against KSAN 3, KLST 8 and KTXE-LP 38 (which repeats KTXS 12 out of Abilene – Sweetwater, TX) for local news in that timeslot. And KIDY 6 can’t produce a 9:00 p.m. newscast because KIDY 6’s and sister station KXVA 15’s newscasts are produced out of KXVA 15’s studios in Abilene and only have 1 news team assembled for both stations.

Other than that, no other major additions or expansions to report at this time.


3 thoughts on “A small minor newscast change… #29

  1. Stupid move they should have move the newscast from 9:30pm to 9:00pm. Is Texas in the Eastern Time Zone. FOX stations are suppose to have their late newzcasts at 9:00pm in the Central Time Zone not 10:00pm. I think the late newscasts should be on at the same time in all time zones. Why is it that the late news in the Eastern Time Zone comes on at 11:00pm and comes on an hour earlier at 10:00pm in the Central and Mountain Time Zones. Why is it that only the late newscasts come on an hour later in the Eastern Time Zone and an hour earlier in the Central Time zone. The morning news comes on at the same time at 4:30am or 5:00am in both the Eastern and Central Time zones. The Noon news comes on at noon in both Eastern and Mountain Time Zonez. The evening newscasts at 4,5, and 6 both come on at the same times in both time zones. The Today Show, GMA come on at 7:00am in both Eastern and Central Time Zones. The 10/9 Central format may have worked at one time but with the technology today and with recording devices the The 10/9 Central is an outdated format. Its not right that in one part of the country you have to wait an hour later to see your primetime show and in another part of the country you get to see it an hour earlier. I think in Canada the late newscasts all come on at the same time in all the time zones.


  2. Jeremy, you’re right: there’s no technical reason prime time can’t be the same across all time zones, but it was a technical problem back in the early days of network television.

    Now, it’s a matter of viewing habits that have developed over decades. People in Central and Mountain aren’t gonna stay up ’til 11 PM to see their local news, and people on the coasts aren’t ready for prime time ’til 8. (Those stations don’t want to give up the profitable 7-8 PM hour to the networks, either.)

    Stations in San Francisco and Sacramento experimented with “Early Prime” back in the early 90s. Most determined it didn’t work for them, although KOVR in Sacramento still runs CBS prime from 7-10.

    There are similar reasons involving “habits” for all the other dayparts you mentioned.

    All that said, San Angelo is a unique situation. At least they’re trying to do a local newscast in San Angelo rather than doing a dual-market newscast that ends up not being relevant to people in EITHER market. With any luck, they’ll find a way to make it profitable to have a full newscast in both Abilene and San Angelo.


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