KRIS now expands their “Sunrise” to weekends.

KRIS-TV 6 / Corpus Christi (“KRIS 6 News”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Corpus Christi and South Texas is now one of the latest markets to have all news-producing stations in the market to offer weekend morning newscasts.

Starting from last weekend on Saturday April 18th, 2015, KRIS 6 now offers a weekend edition of KRIS 6 News Sunrise. The newscasts are on from 6:00-7:00 a.m. on Saturdays and on Sundays from 6:00-8:00 a.m. The 6:00 a.m. hour will compete against KIII 3’s 3 News First Edition for weekend morning news, while the 7:00 a.m. hour on Sundays will be EXCLUSIVE to KRIS 6. The Saturday morning newscast is anchored by Rachel Cole and the Sunday morning edition is anchored by Mike Gillaspia. KRIS 6 Weather is delivered by Meteorologist Juan Acuna. These new newscasts are not simulcast on their sister station KZTV 10.

This is just in a series of the latest expansions for KRIS 6 in 2015, including adding newscasts on Saturday nights at 9:00 p.m. for K47DF-D2 47.2 (Ind.) and KRIS-DT 6.2 (The CW) and a Sunday 5:00 p.m. newscast, which is also not simulcast on KZTV 10.

This just further proves that KRIS 6 is truly South Texas’ home for More Local News.


4 thoughts on “KRIS now expands their “Sunrise” to weekends.

  1. Another TV station that expanded news at the wrong times. They should have expanded to 4:30 AM on weekdays or gotten an afternoon 4:00 PM newscast since the Corpus Christi Market does not have local news at 4:30 AM or a 4:00 PM newzcast. But maybe in the future a TV station in the Corpus Christi Market will get 4:30 AM news or an afternoon newscast at 4:00 PM or 4:30 PM.


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