KHON and WFNA replace “The Daily Buzz” with a simulcast of their own morning newscasts.

KHON-TV 2 / Honolulu (“KHON 2”)
KHON-DT 2.2 / Honolulu (“Hawaii’s CW”)
WKRG-TV 5 / Mobile, AL – Pensacola, FL (“WKRG News 5”)
WFNA 55 / Gulf Shores – Mobile, AL – Pensacola, FL (“CW 55”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: We told you last week of KWBQ in Albuquerque replacing the now-canceled The Daily Buzz, with a simulcast of KRQE News 13 This Morning at 7:00/8:00 a.m. from their sister station KASA. But now we’ve just learned that Albuquerque is not the ONLY market replacing that canceled show with local morning news…

… We’ve also just learned in the market of Hawaii that KHON 2 has replaced The Daily Buzz on their digital subchannel KHON-DT 2.2 (Hawaii’s CW – OC 93) with a simulcast of KHON’s morning newscast, Wake Up 2Day – Hawaii’s Morning News. The simulcast is exactly on at the same time as KHON 2, from 4:30-8:00 a.m. This wasn’t the only market though…

… In Alabama/Florida’s Gulf Coast and Northwestern Florida Panhandle, WKRG 5’s newest sister station WFNA 55 has now replaced The Daily Buzz with a simulcast of WKRG News 5 This Morning. The newscast is on from 5:00-7:00 a.m., the same time that it’s on WKRG 5.

The Daily Buzz was canceled and last aired their show on Friday April 17th, 2015, after investors to the show pulled out financial support to produce the show. It caused people to lose jobs and stations that carried the program to fill various programming.

Expect more markets to replace this program with simulcasts of local morning newscasts, very very soon. When that does happen, we will let you know on The Changing Newscasts Blog.


8 thoughts on “KHON and WFNA replace “The Daily Buzz” with a simulcast of their own morning newscasts.

  1. I wonder why the Honolulu TV Market does not have any noon or midday newscasts none of the TV stations in the Honolulu market at all have any sort of midday newscast for some reason? The Honolulu TV is the only TV Market for its size in the Grand United States of America that does not have midday news if some people even think that Hawaii is part of the Grand United States of America. For the size of the Honolulu Market there should at least be one lousy TV station with some sort of midday newscast. KGMB-TV 9 CBS affiliate does not have a noon newscast since CBS stations is the affiliate out of all the 4 major networks that have the most stations with noon news. I wonder if Honolulu will ever get local midday news at all anytime soon?


  2. Yuma is another TV Market with no local midday news. KYMA-TV 11, and KSWT-TV 13 have no midday newscasts and both stations are owned by the same company so you would think they would provide noon news on at least on of the stations.


  3. For a while the Santa Barabara TV Market did not have midday news either until KEYT-TV 3 started a 11:00a newscast last year. Before that KCOY-TV 12 did have a midday news some years back. But then KCOY canned the noon news and it left the SB TV Market a few years without a midday news program.


  4. The reason why is that nobody is requesting a noon newscast, and I bet the ratings are better without one.

    I’m not against midday news, but if it’s not successful don’t waste your time.


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