More newscasts in Southern Oregon from KOBI and KDRV.

KOBI 5 / Medford and KOTI 2 / Klamath Falls (“NBC 5” and “NBC 2”)
KDRV 12 / Medford and KDKF 31 / Klamath Falls (“NewsWatch 12”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: More news has popped up in Southern Oregon, with a half-hour of more local news on KOBI and KDRV, each.

First off, KOBI 5 has recently launched a half-hour weeknight newscast at 7:00 p.m. under NBC 5 News at 7:00. This newscast is currently the ONLY newscast on at 7:00 p.m. in Southern Oregon. This also creates the area’s ONLY 90-minute local news block from 6:00-7:30 p.m. This is also simulcast on KOTI 2 in Klamath Falls, KOBI 5’s full-time satellite station.

And finally, KDRV 12 has expanded their weekend edition of NewsWatch 12 This Morning. Previously for a half-hour, the program is now on for a full hour at 8:00 a.m. and continues to serve as the ONLY local station with a weekend morning newscast. This newscast is also seen on KDKF 31 in Klamath Falls, KDRV 12’s full-time satellite station.

I have a friend who lives here in Southern Oregon, so this is good news for me, if I ever visit! Anyways, more news in Southern Oregon.




One thought on “More newscasts in Southern Oregon from KOBI and KDRV.

  1. Again newscast at wrong time KOBI-TV could have expanded at noon or at 5:00am. If TV stations are going to expand news they should do it in the needed timeslots not in unnecessary timeslots. I don’t think TV stations serve the communities needs if they expand news in unwise timeslots instead of the needed timeslots.


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