URGENT: New features page is to end June 1st, vote now!

We here at The Changing Newscasts Blog are looking for new ways to improve your experience here. This includes finding more ways to deliver the news. However, we wanna start these services to you ASAP. Therefore, the voting and ideas will end next month.

We need all users and readers out there to visit our Looking for new features! blog, immediately. Only 4 of you have voted so far, but we are seriously looking for more people to vote. Your opinion/vote matters to us! We are also looking for more services to deliver more updates to you in new platforms.

We do wanna start a Twitter account, but there has been a limited amount of voting on our poll. Please recommend this site to anyone and please vote today.

The poll and suggestions box will close on June 1st and the page will be taken down. After that, we will know whether or not this blog will have a Twitter and whether or not more services will be offered to our readers and users.

We are THE Leader in The Latest News about Local Newscasts… The Changing Newscasts Blog.


4 thoughts on “URGENT: New features page is to end June 1st, vote now!

  1. Links to TV Listings like Zap 2 IT, and TItan TV, Links to websites such as TV Newscheck, and TV SPY, Newslab, websites about local news


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