KLAF changes to NBC and adds local news in 2016.

KLAF-LD 46 and KADN-DT 15.2 / Lafayette, LA (“MyKLAF TV”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG (other than CajunFirst.com – the website of KADN 15/KLAF 46): We are heading to Louisiana’s Acadiana to deliver this news and other than the fine folks of CajunFirst.com, this story will be FIRST ON THE BLOG.

Nexstar, the owners of KADN 15/KLAF 46, have announced earlier today that KLAF-LD 46 (will use KLAF 46 for the duration of this blog) will become the home of NBC in Acadiana, starting July 1st, 2015. This will become the area’s first in-house NBC affiliate in the market, since KLNI 15 signed-off in 1975. And that station is now KLAF 46’s sister station, KADN 15, the FOX station. This will replace KPLC 7 in Lake Charles, LA and WVLA 33 in Baton Rouge as Acadiana’s de-facto NBC affiliate.

Commenting on the new NBC affiliation agreement is Tom Poehler, V.P. and G.M. of KADN 15 and KLAF 46:

“We are looking forward to launching the market’s first NBC affiliated station on KLAF-TV (46) which reflects our commitment to providing viewers with the most relevant, compelling and informative content and community-focused programming. For many years NBC programming has been segmented with three different signals that come from outside of our market. We are excited to announce this relationship with NBC and expand our commitment to all viewers in the Lafayette / Acadiana community by bringing an uninterrupted [HD] signal of NBC’s exceptional array of primetime programming, high-quality sports and entertainment offerings on KLAF-TV (46). In addition, to address the needs of our local viewers, plans are underway for KLAF-TV (46) to debut entirely new, innovative local news programming in early 2016. We look forward to updating the local community on this initiative in the coming months.”

Now, noticed what he said on the last part of that quote. That is what captured our attention. So, starting in Early 2016, KLAF 46 will debut an entirely new local news operation, built from scratch by Nexstar. As of now, no idea on the branding or on who has been hired or what times will be shown. That’s why, until early 2016, KLAF 46, starting July 1st, will simulcast local newscasts from their other sister station, WVLA 33 in Baton Rouge. According to the station, they will simulcast their local morning news from 5:00-7:00 a.m. and their nightly newscasts at 5:00, 6:30 and 10:00 p.m. This will be just a temporary move until KLAF 46 gets their news operations going. And with a brand new news operation, that could also mean more local news for KADN 15. We’ll find out.

KLAF 46 will broadcast NBC on KLAF 46 and on KADN-DT 15.2, while MyNetwork TV will move to KADN 15.3, also starting July 1st, 2015.

So even more news is coming to Acadiana. Enjoy the new news, guys. Good move Nexstar!


6 thoughts on “KLAF changes to NBC and adds local news in 2016.

  1. The game show that plays between 5 to 530 and 530 to 6 y’all logo KL AF is right in the way you can’t see the words of the game that they playing would you please take the logo off so we could see the names that they’re playing


    • Ma’am. We are not KLAF-TV, nor we are from their official Facebook page. If you have a complaint about it, just like that, go to KLAF-TV’s official facebook page or just contact them to complain. We’re not the home for that. I just report on The Latest News about Local Newscasts, not report on a comment about a certain station’s programming and their use of their bugs. Sorry, but this is the wrong place to complain something like that.


  2. As an antenna user Are you telling me that we will no longer be able to watch our Saints games or other Fox programming when you change to nbc. I already get 3 nbc stations but now will have one more and no FOX station??!!!!!!! Not good!! Without the Saints broadcast I will NOT watch it.


    • FOX programming will remain on KADN-TV 15.

      Starting July 1st:
      KADN 15.1 = FOX
      KADN 15.2 = NBC (simulcast of KLAF-LD)
      KADN 15.3 = MyNetwork TV

      So really… You’ll still get Saints games on KADN 15.1, because FOX owns rights to NFC games, as Saints are part of the NFC.


    • Put simply 15.1 will stay the same. 15.2 will be a semi-satellite of WVLA until early next year when they get their own newscasts, and 15.3 will be a brand new station to carry the MYNET shows and leftover KLAF shows.

      Saints wise, nothing changes, except any sunday night games they are in this year would be on 15.2


      • That’s right. Also… if the Saints end up on CBS, then its on KLFY 10.1 and with Super Bowl 50 on CBS, if the Saints end up in the Super Bowl, then that game will be on KLFY 10.1


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