KRNV moving its noon news to KRXI and a possible morning cancellation?

KRXI-TV 11 / Reno (“FOX 11”)
KRNV-DT 4 / Reno (“Channel 4”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: We have a double splice post to tell you about today! The first thing will be reported FIRST ON THE BLOG and the second thing is RUMORS ONLY. Here is what we mean by that…

KRNV 4 announced earlier this week that the station will move its half-hour noon newscast to its sister station KRXI 11. The newscast, more known as News 4 at Noon, will become The Noon News on FOX 11 when it starts on Monday June 1st, 2015. And if you’re thinking, a simulcast? No, it won’t be a simulcast because KRNV 4 will replace the newscast with Nevada Newsmakers, which has been airing at 11:30 a.m. on KRNV 4 for a few years now and will now be shown at 12:00 Noon. It will remain a half-hour newscast on KRXI 11, as the station will continue to air Hot Bench at 12:30 p.m. This will give KRNV 4, a greater presence for local news coverage on KRXI 11 and it will be the ONLY local newscast on at Noon in that market, still. KTVN 2 still does not provide a midday newscast while KOLO 8 airs an hour-long midday newscast at 11:00 a.m.

RUMORS ONLY: Now, we are hearing possibly rumors out there that Mornings on FOX 11 could be canceled, due to low ratings and is scheduled to end on Friday June 12th, 2015. We were the FIRST media industry blog source to report that KRNV 4 was to add a 2-hour morning show for KRXI 11, back in August of 2014. But now after low ratings, we have heard that KRXI 11 will replace the morning newscast with, once again, a simulcast of KTVU 2’s Mornings on 2. It looks like Sinclair has signed an agreement with the FOX O&O station to provide with the newscast once again and if so, more news will be coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, AGAIN, since KRXI 11 already (and still) simulcasts The 10:00 O’Clock News on KTVU FOX 2, every night. But again, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. If this does happen, we will surely let you know on The Changing Newscasts Blog.

So there’s your double spliced twist today. And now you know what will (and what could) be happening in Reno and Western Nevada.



2 thoughts on “KRNV moving its noon news to KRXI and a possible morning cancellation?

  1. I think most people in Reno were used to watching KTVU Morning News on KRXI 11 before Sinclair bought KRXI-TV 11. They had a simulcast of KTVU News before Sinclair bought KRXI-TV. Maybe viewers don’t like Sinclairs cup of tea on their brand of news so now they are reverting back to KTVU News even though I don’t know if KTVU News is much better since KTVU-TV is now a FOX O & O station. Pretty much Sinclair Broadcasting, FOX News, and FOX O&O stations pretty much have the same idea on how local news ought to be run.

    The Reno TV Market should also have at least one TV station with Saturday and Sunday Morning News. I am guessing KOLO-TV 8 could be the first TV station in Reno to have weekend morning news since they are the station with the most local news in Reno and since they have been expanding news lately will just have to wait and see if weekend morning news in Reno becomes a reality.


  2. KRNV News slogan on Your Side. I don’t think they are on your side when they cancel local newscasts or play newsonimics or stationomics games. This is why there needs to be more accountability in the media because with the current state the the media is in right now TV stations could advertise slogans such as ON YOUR SIDE and then do things that go against the side of the viewers such as cutting news. I think some of these stations care more about money and profit then they do about the viewers.


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