We now have a Twitter account: @ChangeNewsBlog

So there you go folks. Thanks to you, we now have a Twitter account! Along with our usual updates here on this blog, we will post links, updates and BREAKING details on our NEW twitter account!

Follow us @ChangeNewsBlog. We were gonna use @ChangingNewscasts, but that wasn’t allowed due to Twitter’s end. Even though we prefer e-mail, you can now submit news tips on Twitter as well.

This is just a bigger reach to expand our platform and services and now we just had. Our first tweet was a 12:00 Noon, exactly as we have predicted to start on:

The Changing Newscasts Blog is now on Twitter. Follow us and tweet away!


2 thoughts on “We now have a Twitter account: @ChangeNewsBlog

  1. What is happening at WXYZ? Especially the 5 o’clock news – it’s like revolving anchors and why in the world is Jeff Vaughn just roaming around the newsroom in the morning – that’s a job?
    I’ve stopped watching – it’s annoying.


    • Well I don’t know about that. I don’t report on that or on anchor changes. I just report on new, expanded, moved or removed newscasts from one or plenty of stations within a market or several markets.

      Follow us on Twitter for updates @ChangeNewsBlog or subscribe through email. The link to subscribe is provided on the right side of the screen under “Follow Changing Newscasts.”


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