WTVQ is ready to add a 10:00 p.m. newscast for its second digital subchannel… AGAIN.

WTVQ-DT 36 / Lexington (“ABC 36”)
WTVQ-DT 36.2 / Lexington (“MyKentuckyTV”, formerly “MyTVQ 2”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG (other than The Lexington Herald-Leader at Kentucky.com): If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again. At least that’s what WTVQ is thinking of in trying of a new primetime newscast on its second digital subchannel… AGAIN.

Yep. WTVQ 36 will launch a weeknight-ONLY half-hour 10:00 p.m. newscast starting TONIGHT: Monday June 1st, 2015 and it will be called… ABC 36 News at 10:00 on MyKentuckyTV (yay! how obvious! … sarcasm.) WTVQ 36.2 has relaunched as MyKentuckyTV recently from it’s former long-time name as MyTVQ 2 and is the MyNetworkTV-affiliate for Lexington and Central Kentucky. The newscast will be seen on digital subchannel 36.2, as well as on Time Warner Cable – Lexington Channel 138.

According to Kentucky.com, The newscast will be anchored by Belinda Post with ABC 36 StormTeam Weather from AMS/Sealed and NWA/Membered Chief Meteorologist Jason Myers. WTVQ 36 executives say that this provides a fresh option for local 10:00 p.m. news in the market, even though the new newscast will be competing against longtime-established and often ranked as one of the most-watched primetime newscasts in the country, The FOX 56 – 10:00 O’Clock News from Sinclair-owned WDKY 56 (FOX), produced by WKYT 27 (CBS).

Yes, I put in the title: AGAIN. Because WTVQ 36 used to produce a primetime newscast before for WTVQ 36.2. The old, first attempt at ABC 36 News at 10:00 was launched on January 1st, 2009, WTVQ 36.2’s first day as a MyNetwork TV affiliate. Unfortunately due to low ratings and due to over-blown competition from WDKY 56’s 10:00 p.m. news, the newscast was canceled a year or two later.

But as they say, if you don’t succeed, then try and try and try again. Hopefully, WTVQ 36’s second shot will be the better one. But we’ll find out how that goes.

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8 thoughts on “WTVQ is ready to add a 10:00 p.m. newscast for its second digital subchannel… AGAIN.

  1. WTVQ-TV should also get a 4:30am morning newscast and Saturday and Sunday Morning newscasts. Both WLEX-TV and WKYT-TV have 4:30am and weekend morning newscasts.


    • WTVQ is not as advanced as WLEX and WKYT, in terms of newscasts. That’s why WTVQ 36 has been last place for the majority of its history. WLEX 18 and WKYT 27 usually fight for #1 and whoever doesn’t win, ends up in #2. Even I think WYMT 57 sometimes beats WTVQ 36 in some timeslots.


    • WTVQ’s owner is very cheap that’s why they don’t have extra newscasts. Nobody used to watch there previous 10pm offering. Just like nobody watched there weekend morning newscasts they had long ago.

      Morris Multimedia stopped caring long ago about them.


  2. What kinda of crap? One crap I can think of is there newscasts might have more national and international news on them and news that is non local. To me a lot of national and international news and non local news on local newscasts is crappy news.


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