KMID expands its weekday morning newscast to 5:00 a.m.

KMID 2 / Midland – Odessa, TX (“Local BIG 2”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: For this report, we are in West Texas or a.k.a., the Permian Basin. I’m calling it West Texas. Anyways, one of Nexstar’s most-famous red-head step children stations has finally expanded one of their newscasts.

KMID 2 has expanded their weekday morning newscast to 2 hours and now starting at 5:00 a.m. with an extra half-hour show called Wake-Up West Texas. The show is anchored by Rebecca Jeffrey and Matt Farrell and the show does features the latest news and weather, as it leads into Good Morning West Texas, which will continue to start at 5:30 a.m.

This becomes the second station in the market to do so, after KWES 9’s Newswest 9 Sunrise, which also starts at 5:00 a.m. KOSA 7 will continue to start its CBS 7 Morning News at 5:30 a.m. and will become the ONLY 90-minute morning newscast in the area, at the moment, now that KWES 9 and NOW, KMID 2 broadcast their local morning newscasts for 2 hours, starting at 5:00 a.m.

It’s about time you did something about KMID 2, Nexstar. Now get this station to HD, please. It’s been long over-due.


12 thoughts on “KMID expands its weekday morning newscast to 5:00 a.m.

  1. KPEJ-TV 24 the FOX affiliate in Midland/Odessa should get a local prime time 9:00 pm newscast. The other FOX stations in West Texas KCIT-TV 14 in Amarillo, and KJTV-TV 34 in Lubbock both have local news on their stations. It has taken 50,000 eons or forever in a day for the FOX station in Midland/Odessa to get local news. I hope KPEJ will get news at 9:00pm soon. KPEJ does not have to have its own news KMID or KWES could produce the 9:00pm newscast for KPEJ. I doubt KOSA-TV would produce news for KPEJ because they already produce a 9:00pm newscast on the MY TV station in Midland/Odessa. I wonder if the Midland/Odessa Market could have another TV station that could have noon news. KOSA-TV is the sole TV station in Midland/Odessa to have a noon newscast. Maybe another TV station in Midland could have noon news. Both Amarillo and Lubbock TV Markets in West Texas have at least 2 TV stations that have noon news or midday news.


    • If the 9pm news was a possibility for KPEJ, it would have to be from KMID, since KMID 2 and KPEJ 24 are official sister stations, since they are both owned and operated by Nexstar Broadcasting Group. The only place that KWES 9 can produce a 9pm newscast is for its CW digital subchannel on KWES 9.2.

      However, I don’t see any of this ever happening, anytime soon.


      • Never say never 10 years ago if I asked you do you think 4:30am morning news would be common you probably would have have I don’t see this ever happening anytime soon and now 4:30 am news is common. In 2004 if you ask somebody would Barack Obama be elected President of the Grand United States in 2008 people would probably say no way or I don’t see it happening and it did. 25 years ago if I ask you will 4:00 pm news become common in almost all large TV Markets you probably would have said I don’t see it happening anytime soon and now pretty much every large TV Market has at least one TV station that has 4:00 pm news. Over 30 years ago If you asked somebody do you think there would ever be a 24-hour local cable all day news channel like NY 1 they more then likely would have said I don’t see it happening anytime soon. So be careful using words like I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. Saying I don’t see it happening anytime soon is being skeptical or pessimistic remember anything can happen in this day in age just a word of wisdom.


  2. Since KPEJ is KMID sister station maybe they will produce a 9:00pm newscast for KPEJ-TV. Since KMID expanded their morning news it might be a step closer for them to produce a 9:00pm newscast for KPEJ. Maybe KMID is getting more serious on expanding news. Over 15 years ago KMID use to have both a 5:00pm and 6:00pm news and some years ago they cancelled the 6:00pm news. I think at one time KMID use to be a strong station in Midland then what it is today. KMID may be at its low point now. Just like in my city of Albuquerque KRQE-TV 13 use to be the weakest TV news station and was the TV station with the least amount of loca news and always rated last place and now they are a top gun news leader and produce the most local news. So each station has its high and low point.


  3. I read that KABC-TV in LA started its 4:00pm newscast back in the fall of 1980. I like to look at old newspaper TV listings and I was viewing some TV listings from LA from 1979 and KCBS-TV had a 4:30pm newscast as early as 1979. I also viewed some old TV listings from Chicago back from 1977 and WMAQ-TV had a 4:30 pm newscast as early as 1977 and might have been the only TV station in the country to have news in the 4 O’clock timeslot at that time.


  4. KMID adding a 10pm news is very unlikely, my friend worked there and they don’t have any help from Nexstar.

    It’s a pipe dream and not that important, the market already has a 9pm newscast, I would only complain if the market didn’t have one.


    • Maybe FOX could swap KPEJ for the MY TV station in Midland which does have the 9:00pm news. I think MY TV and FOX are owned by the same people.


      • Nope. KPEJ 24 FOX is owned by Nexstar, owners of KMID 2 ABC. My 16 is a part of KOSA 7.2, home of CBS on 7.1 and owned by Investment Corporation of America, soon to be sold to Gray Television, pending FCC approval.


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