WSIL will add a weekend morning newscast, starting July 11th.

WSIL-TV 3 / Harrisburg – Marion – Carbondale, IL – Paudcah, KY – Cape Girardeau, MO (“WSIL-TV 3”)
KPOB-TV 15 / Popular Bluff, MO (“KPOB-TV 15”; full-satellite of WSIL-TV 3)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: WSIL has always been a last-place ranked station in the Jackson Purchase, Bootheel and Southern Illinois, a.k.a. Paducah, KY – Cape Girardeau, MO – Harrisburg, IL. It looks like WSIL is ready to fight in the news competition by adding a weekend morning newscast.

Starting Saturday July 11th, 2015, WSIL 3 (and full-time satellite station KPOB 15) will be adding a 1-hour weekend morning newscast. News 3 This Morning will be airing from 6:00-7:00 a.m. and will be effectively competing against long-time leader KFVS 12 (CBS)’s The Breakfast Show and the Sunday edition of WPSD 6 (NBC)’s Local 6 Today. We don’t know as to who will anchor the new newscast or who will deliver the weather, but we will believe that this will be WSIL 3/KPOB 15’s first foray into weekend morning news.

Even though all three stations compete against one another, all three stations focus on different areas of the market. WSIL 3 is focused more on Southern Illinois, because of the station’s license in Harrisburg, while WPSD 6 focuses more on Western Kentucky, since its based in Paducah. KFVS 12 mostly covers Southeastern Missouri, since the station is licensed to Cape Girardeau.

We have no other details regarding about this, but this is good news for the usually last-placed and struggling station.


2 thoughts on “WSIL will add a weekend morning newscast, starting July 11th.

  1. WSIL should have added a noon, 4:30 am, or afternoon 4:00 pm newscast instead. Adding news at the wrong time. The Paducah TV Market does not yet have local news at 4:00 pm


  2. I’m really looking forward to the weekend morning newscast WSIL has to offer. And as Jeremy said, they should also add a noon newscast as well. WSIL seems to sure be pushing Channel 3 to its limits these past months


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