Huge changes in Central Wisconsin and it starts with WAOW.

WAOW 9 / Wausau – Rhindelander (“WAOW 9”)
WAOW-DT 9.2 / Wausau – Rhinelander (“Central Wisconsin CW”)
WYOW 34 / Eagle River, WI (“Northwoods 34”; full-time satellite of WAOW 9)
WYOW-DT 34.2 / Eagle River, WI (“Central Wisconsin CW”; full-time satellite of WAOW 9.2)
WMOW 4 / Crandon, WI (“Central Wisconsin CW”; full-time satellite of WAOW 9.2)
WMOW 4.2 / Crandon, WI (“WMOW 4”; full-time satellite of WAOW 9)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: I know. A lot of pictures, but its a point to make. WAOW has made huge changes, thanks to a recent move by Gray Television, even though Gray doesn’t own WAOW.

You see, on Wednesday July 1st, 2015, Gray Television (owners of WSAW 7 – CBS) bought WFXS 55 (FOX) and shut the signal down, converting it into a low-power station as WZAW-LD 55 and keeping all the FOX programming, power and signals there. Now that Gray Television has taken over, WAOW 9 no longer produces any local newscasts for now WZAW-LD 55, as WSAW 7 will start a 9:00 p.m. newscast of its own on its newest sister station WZAW-LD 55, starting in the Fall. Once we have more details, we will surely let you know.

“Newsline 9 at 9:00 on Central Wisconsin CW” (Image courtesy of

In the meantime, WAOW 9 will not just end it and leave it empty handed. Starting tonight, the station will air a new half-hour, weeknight-only 9:00 p.m. newscast, over on Central Wisconsin CW, which is seen on WAOW 9.2 in Wausau – Rhinelander, WYOW 34.2 in Eagle Creek, WI and WMOW 4.1 in Crandon, WI and, according to, is also seen on DirecTV and DISH Channel 10 and Charter Cable Channel 14. Titled Newsline 9 at 9:00 on Central Wisconsin CW, the new broadcast is anchored by Nancy Yousef with StormTrack 9 Weather from AMS/Sealed Meteorologist Mike Breunling and Sports with Sports Director Brandon Kinnard.

The history of this newscast dates back to 2000, when WAOW 9 stated a news-sharing agreement with then-WFXS 55 (then owned by Davis Television, Inc.) to start the weeknight-only, half-hour FOX 55 News at 9:00. Viewers knew it was produced by WAOW 9 because VO’s would say… Powered by Newsline 9, this is FOX 55 News at 9:00. The agreement would expand to weekday mornings in 2012 with FOX 55 This Morning from 7:00-8:00 a.m. On July 1st, 2015, those newscasts were discontinued as WFXS 55 was shut down and Gray brought the station, converting it into a low-power digital station and making it a sister station to WSAW 7.

By the way, WAOW 9, WYOW 34 and WMOW 4.2 all simulcast each other to provide full coverage of ABC and CW (9.2/34.2/4.1) programming to Central Wisconsin and are all owned by Quincy Newspapers, which also owns WXOW 19 (ABC/CW) in La Crosse, WQOW 18 (ABC/CW) in Eau Claire and WKOW 27 (ABC) in the state’s capital of Madison.

Speaking of WAOW, WYOW, WMOW, WXOW, WQOW and WKOW (they all are made to sound COW, since Wisconsin has a big dairy industry in that state), there was an expansion made by WKOW a few weeks ago that can now be seen almost state-wide. Details coming up in my next post…


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