WKOW now really “Wakes-Up Wisconsin” on weekend mornings.

WKOW 27 / Madison (“WKOW 27”)
WAOW 9 / Wausau – Rhinelander (“WAOW 9”)
WYOW 34 / Eagle Creek, WI (“Northwoods 34”; full-time satellite of WAOW 9)
WMOW 4.2 / Crandon, WI (“WMOW 4”; full-time satellite of WAOW 9)
WXOW 19 / La Crosse, WI (“WXOW 19”)
WQOW 18 / Eau Claire, WI (“WQOW 18”; semi-satellite to WXOW 19)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: WKOW has just done something that is rarely seen in this local TV news industry. Take one of their newscasts and expand it Statewide. Well… almost Statewide. We’ll explain now…

(This is from Ed Reams, News Director at WKOW 27)

Since May 30th of this year, WKOW 27 has expanded their weekend morning newscast, Wake-Up Wisconsin, to almost all of their markets in Wausau-Rhinelander, La Crosse and Eau Claire, while continuing to air in Madison, the original home of the weekend morning newscast. The newscast airs on weekend mornings from 6:00-7:00 a.m. and provides as the ONLY local weekend morning newscast in Eau Claire-La Crosse and the second option in Wausau-Rhindelander (after WSAW 7 – CBS’ Sunday edition of Sunrise 7). In Madison, the 6:00 a.m. hour competes against The Morning Show at 6:00 a.m. from WMTV 15 (NBC).

The newscast is anchored by Caroline Bach, who also reports for the weekday morning edition of Wake-Up Wisconsin during the week, and Savanna Tomei with Weather from Meteorologist Lee Ann Okuly. The newscast is produced at WKOW 27’s studios in Madison… Wisconsin’s state capital.

This is the ONLY Statewide newscast in the State of Wisconsin. However, its not available in the entire state. You see, WKOW 27 also owns stations in Wausau-Rhinelander (WAOW 9/WYOW 34/WMOW 4.2), La Crosse (WXOW 19) and Eau Claire (WQOW 18). The newscast is not available in Green Bay or in Milwaukee, since Quincy Newspapers doesn’t own stations in those markets, plus WBAY 2 (ABC) and WISN 12 (ABC) are the other ABC stations in the state and are owned by Media General and Hearst Television, respectively.

Think about it… It brings a weekend morning newscast to several areas and at the same time, helps save money on some stations in the process. Very good move for WKOW 27, since they have sister stations all across the state.


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