WDAY expands its “First News” on Saturday mornings and statewide.

WDAY-TV 6 / Fargo – Moorhead, ND (“WDAY 6 Television”)
WDAZ-TV 8 / Devils Lake – Grand Forks, ND (“WDAZ 8 Television”)
KBMY 17 / Bismarck, ND; KMCY 14 / Minot, ND; KXMA-DT 2.2 / Dickinson, ND and KXMD-DT 11.2 / Williston, ND (“KBMY/KMCY”)
WDAY-DT 6.3 and 6.4 / Fargo – Moorhead, ND; WDAZ-DT 8.3 / Devils Lake – Grand Forks, ND; KBMY 17.3 / Bismarck, ND and KMCY 14.3 / Minot, ND (“WDAY’Z Xtra”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: WDAY 6 has been the first and ONLY station in Fargo and in North Dakota to offer a weekend morning newscast on Saturdays. Now, just months later, the program has been extended, but not by much.

Since Saturday July 4th, 2015 (July 4th Weekend), WDAY 6 has expanded First News Saturday by a half-hour. The program, anchored by WDAY 6 anchor and reporter Becky Parker and StormTracker Weather with Meteorologist Kellen Peters, is now on the air from 7:00-8:30 a.m., every Saturday morning. The 8:30 a.m. half-hour is now occupied by Ag Week TV, which is a week-in-review show, devoted to Agricultural issues (since the Midwest is usually filled with Ag-related TV shows) and is produced by Forum Communications, which also owns all ABC affiliates in North Dakota (WDAY 6, WDAZ 8, KBMY 17 and KMCY 14) and therefore, simulcasts First News Saturday and Ag Week TV in its entirety.

WDAY 6 and WDAZ 8 simulcast all weekend newscasts, as well as weekday mornings and weeknights at 5:00 p.m. while they produce their own separate weeknight 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. newscasts. KBMY 17 and KMCY 14 simulcasts the weekday morning and weeknight 5:00 p.m. newscasts, as well as the Saturday morning and the Sunday 5:30 p.m. newscasts.

WDAY 6, WDAZ 8, KBMY 17 and KMCY 14 are home to the ONLY Saturday morning newscast in the state, in both the 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. hours, as NBC North Dakota (KFYR 5/KQCD 7/KUMV 8/KMOT 10), KX News (KXMA 2/KXMD 11/KXMB 12/KXMC 13), Valley News LIVE (KVLY 11.1 and 11.2) and KVRR News (KVRR 15/KJRR 7/KBRR 10/KNRR 12) don’t produce a weekend morning newscast at all.

So if you’re looking for more weekend morning news, then you got it North Dakota. A rare opportunity too.


3 thoughts on “WDAY expands its “First News” on Saturday mornings and statewide.

  1. Kinda of a wimpy expansion since it will only be 30 minutes and they should used their resources better and expand on Sunday Morning instead of a wimpy 30 minute expansion on Saturday Mornings. Kind of a waste of time to expand just for 30 more wimpy minutes on Saturday instead of expanding on Sunday Mornings.


  2. Roly,
    News from St. Louis – 4p and 4a newscasts (see bottom of column):


    David Burke
    Entertainment editor
    Quad-City Times
    GO&DO every day! WEEKEND section on Saturdays

    [cid:image001.jpg@01D0C950.239CF540] [cid:image002.png@01D0C950.239CF540]


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