KJTV will expand to bring you a better “Good Day Lubbock.”

KJTV-TV 34 / Lubbock (“FOX 34”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: See what we did there on the title? Anyways, its true. KJTV is ready to bring viewers in the Lubbock area, a better “Good Day Lubbock.” I love puns.

Anyways, starting tomorrow, the station will expand its weekday morning newscast to 5:00 a.m. The show was previously from 5:30-9:00 a.m. because it was airing Ag Day Lubbock, which was produced by KJTV 34, themselves. That program has since moved to 5:30 a.m. on its second digital subchannel, KJTV-DT 34.2, otherwise known as FOX 34 News NOW, which carries a mix of local programming, repeats of news and blocks of local weather, alongside LIVE sports as well.

With this addition, KJTV 34 becomes the third station in the area (after long-time leader KCBD 11 – NBC and KAMC 28 – ABC) for local weekday morning news at 5:00 a.m. The program is anchored by James Eppler (who’s also entertainment editor at the station), FOX 34 Weather Authority with NWS/Membered Chief Meteorologist Matt Ernst and LIVE reports from Brittany Price.

More morning news is coming to FOX 34, but not by much. At least it helps with competition in Lubbock.


3 thoughts on “KJTV will expand to bring you a better “Good Day Lubbock.”

  1. Wasn’t AG Day Lubbock considered a local newscast? The only difference was that it might have local news about agriculture and farming and a newscast devoted to farming instead of regular news.


    • Yeah, but I don’t count those because not everybody in America has access to Ag-related shows (like my market, since no stations here carry any of that, since Miami is not an Ag-market, mostly considered a world tourism market filled with tourists. We’re not farmers in any way.)


  2. Many years back like over 30 years ago didn’t a lot of local TV stations in farming communities in places like Iowa, Kansas, Illionis, Wisconsin and much of the Midwast states have daily newscasts only devoted to farming like AG Day Lubbock?


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