One year later: A very special thank you.

Monday August 11th, 2014 was a special day. It was the day this blog was born. The day a new voice to the TV media industry came along and shook it forever. The day when a voice was provided and needed, came along and readers have never looked back.

Yes, it was one year ago today that I started The Changing Newscasts Blog. I thought it was a blog that NOBODY and I really thought, NOBODY would read or even care about what I post on the blog. Posting about stations adding, expanding, dropping or simulcasting newscasts would be ridiculous stories and that nobody would pay attention. Let even know that nobody would even read it or check out my blog at all! But I’ve been so touched by the thousands and I mean, THOUSANDS of you who visited and read my stories on this blog. It really means a lot to me and to make an impact on this blog.

Since I’ve started this blog, several stations have noticed my posts through Twitter, Facebook or Email, including WBTW 13 (CBS) in Myrtle Beach – Florence, KOLO 8 (ABC) in Reno, WDAY 6 (ABC) in Fargo, WEHT 25 (ABC) / WTVW 7 (CW) in Evansville, WALA 10 (FOX) in Mobile – Pensacola, among others and I will get more as the years and years of running this blog goes by.

A year ago, it was just weeks before I started college as a freshman. Today, I’m heading into my sophomore year at Miami-Dade College: North Campus and still working on my broadcast journalism career, while still devoting time to this blog to report on local stations changing their newscasts. I have so far posted 382 stories (this will be 383) and my blog has been viewed so far this year, as of today 8/11/2015, OVER 63,300 times! I have also received more than 19,700 visitors stop by at the blog and these numbers are already 6-8 times more views and visitors this year than last year! (even though we started in August).

I get views on this blog from all over the world! Literary! For example… as of today: 1,242 views from Australia, 801 from the UK, 441 from Chile, 306 from the Philippines, 153 from Canada and so on and so forth. It has been viewed from 75 counties, all across the world! And the biggest story I’ve ever done, which has the most views… WJLA 7 adding an extension of Good Morning Washington on cable-only NewsChannel 8, which as of today, has been viewed 6,870 times!

I am just in shock and in awe and just forever grateful to every single person who has read my blog over the past year. It really means so much to me that you would log into my blog and just read on my stories. I am also forever grateful to every single person who has submitted a tip to my blog. Thanks to you, we have broken stories that no other media industry observer website has been able to cover and sometimes, we even break stories before the others finally report on them (Example… WRAL adding 4:00 p.m. news on WRAZ 50. We reported on that, almost 2 weeks before anybody else!) But the best story, IMO, that I have ever covered is WEVV 44 launching its own news department again. We FIRST reported it on the details, almost a month before news operations began! Even if those were just rumors at the time, we were SPOT ON with the accuracy of those details. This is the reason why I enjoy reporting on my own blog.

It gives me a freedom to do stories that no other local media industry observe website can or will report on. I have broken plenty of stories and I have a feeling that I will break plenty more.

As for this blog, we have since launched a Twitter feed, back on June 1st, 2015 and so far, as of today, 25 Twitter followers! Its not much, but its a start. Its there where I first break stories and post them as well. And local news organizations notice my stories and therefore, I get recognized, even in the slightest of ways.

And guess what! Starting September 14th (we’re aiming for that day), we will launch a Facebook page too!!! You’ll find it under The Changing Newscasts Blog and hope to treat it, the same way as we do our Twitter account. Btw, if you want to follow us on Twitter, its @ChangeNewsBlog and Tips can be accepted there as well with either the username or with #ChangingNewscasts in your tweet. I’m also thinking of starting a Kik Group Chat as well for the first 50 people who join in, so that we can have a real-time interaction about stories that I post or if you’re just curious about something, as well as doing Google Hangouts or chat through Skype. I’m still thinking about all this stuff and what I will do next to further enhance this blog to the next level.

So now, I’m gonna wrap this up now because I feel like I wanna cry. What was a simple experiment that I thought won’t last, ended up being as THE source for The Latest News about Local Newscasts. Even though its only been a year later, our mission is still the same: to bring you stories about local TV stations adding, expanding, simulcasting or dropping local newscasts in a continuing change of the local TV landscape. That mission is still the same and it will remain, as long as the blog is still here. So here’s the very special two words I want all of you to hear…

Thank you.

Thank you for reading this blog. Thank you for checking up on us. Thank you for submitting tips, because they’ve been very helpful to us. Thank you for taking some time to have an interest in our blog Thank you for making the blog, what it is today. But most importantly…

Thank you for reading The Changing Newscasts Blog, The Latest News about Local Newscasts. I owe my debt of gratitude to each and every single one of you. I will never forget this.

  • Roly Ortega, The Blogposter for The Changing Newscasts Blog.
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    • Personal Twitter: @itsRoly4266
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