Newscast debuting this weekend… Edition #16

WSBK-TV 38 / Boston (“MyTV 38”)

Only one newscast is debuting this weekend and its in Boston.

Saturday August 29th, 2015

  • 10:00-11:00 PM: WBZ News at 10:00 on MyTV 38

WSBK in Boston. The newscast will finally expand to weekends, with Kate Merrill on Saturdays and Liam Martin joining Kate on Sundays. It will compete against WFXT 25 (FOX)’s hour-long newscast, WHDH 7 (NBC) on WLVI 56 (CW)’s hour-long newscast and WBIN 50 (Ind.)’s half-hour newscast.

That’s it for now. There may be a special Newscasts debuting this week post, tomorrow, instead of Sunday.

The blog’s headquarters will be feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Erika, starting Sunday and into Monday and early Tuesday. If for somehow and some reason, we still have power, then we will continue to update and provide stories. If not, then we won’t know how long we will be out, but we’ll try to come back ASAP with new stories then.

Have a great weekend, everybody. We’ll catch up next week, if I don’t lose power.


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