WSVN is expanding “Today in Florida” to Sunday mornings, starting September 13th.

WSVN 7 / Miami – Ft. Lauderdale (“WSVN 7”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG (other than The Sun-Sentinel): I’ve been waiting to hear this news for a very long time, as a long-time WSVN viewer myself. FINALLY! I am overjoyed to hear this news today and to report to you that after all these years, WSVN will FINALLY add a Sunday morning newscast.

Starting Sunday September 13th, 2015, WSVN 7 will expand 7 News – Today in Florida to Sunday mornings by adding a three-hour morning newscast from 8:00-11:00 a.m. The newscast will be anchored by Omar Lewis (who moves from recently reporting on the weekday editions of Today in Florida), Lorena Estrada (same thing recently as Omar) and 7 Weather with Meteorologist Karlene Chavis.

Lorena Estrada (left), Omar Lewis (center) and Meteorologist Karlene Chavis (right) will all be a part of the new broadcast. (Image Courtesy: WSVN 7, providing this image to Sun-Sentinel)

(Meteorologist Karlene Chavis)

(Retweeted by Karlene from Darcy Tannebaum, one of WSVN 7’s executive producers)

(Anchor Lorena Estrada)

With this addition, 64 and 1/2 hours of local news will be produced by WSVN 7, the most hours produced by any station in the market and by a long shot. The new Sunday morning newscast will replace E/I, Paid and Religious Programming that WSVN 7 has had on for years on Sunday mornings.

Chris Wayland, Executive V.P. and G.M. at Sunbeam Television, which owns WSVN 7 in Miami and WHDH 7 (NBC)/WLVI 56 (CW) in Boston (Wayland took over from former Executive V.P. and G.M. Bob Leider, who semi-retired last year after running WSVN 7 for more than two decades):

“Our focus is and continues to be improving our product and making local news available seven days a week during the most convenient time for viewers. Adding morning weekend news helps us accomplish this. We saw an opportunity to fill in a gap that we think existed to our audience so they can have access to us seven days a week, more so than previously.”

According to The Sun-Sentinel, Wayland also said the demand for morning news has grown because advertisers want to reach professionals who get up early and are looking for information to start their days. The station already has a Saturday morning newscast, running from 7:00-10:00 a.m.

From The Sun-Sentinel:

WSVN 7’s station officials have been implementing changes at the station for the past year. In March, they unveiled a sleek $500,000 makeover at the station’s North Bay Village news studios, where a digital banner above the anchors flows with the latest news.

They also made anchor changes to better match personalities to different time periods.

Danielle Knox, who had been a co-anchor on weekday mornings, shifted to the weekday evenings as a reporter because “her energy level and her style matches perfectly with what we do in the evenings,” Wayland said.

He also noted that Ashley Morrison was performing well anchoring the Saturday morning newscast alone, so officials decided to shift her to weekday mornings to replace Knox in August.

The new Sunday morning newscast will compete against WFOR 4 (CBS) from 8:00-9:00, WTVJ 6 (NBC) and WPLG 10 (ABC) from 9:00-9:30, WPLG 10 from 9:30-10:30 and then solo from 10:30-11:00 a.m.

I’ve been waiting for this news for a very long time and as a long-time WSVN 7 viewer, here in my home market, I’m very excited to see this happen.


40 thoughts on “WSVN is expanding “Today in Florida” to Sunday mornings, starting September 13th.

      • It could be years before that happens. The owners, Sunbeam, really don’t like the idea of waking up at 4:30 a.m., let alone 4:00 a.m.

        Unless if the new executive V.P. and G.M. lets the station do that, then don’t see that happen anytime soon.


      • What are the owners of Sunbeam even into their stations having a lot of news on them if they don’t like waking up early at 4:30am or 4:00am. Its kind of a double standard that they have news at all these other hours but don’t want to expand news in a certain time slot. How do they expect to be number one if they hate the idea of expanding news in important time slots?


      • Well for one thing, they don’t have it at 4:00 a.m. because on Monday mornings, WSVN 7 airs “FOX News Sunday” at 4:00 a.m. and it looks like the pre-emption will continue because of the new Sunday morning newscast.

        WSVN 7 will keep it there, regardless of whether there’s a NFL season or not.


  1. You must be pumped right now that WSVN is getting Sunday Morning news Florida Man. I would be pumped if KOB-TV in my city of ABQ were to get Sunday Morning news or put a 4:00pm newscast back on. KOB-TV had a 30 minute 4:00pm newscast from 2005 to 2008.


    • Both stations are completely different.

      Your asking that because of the similarities between WTVJ’s and WSVN’s morning show titles.

      WTVJ 6 = “NBC 6 South Florida Today”
      WSVN 7 = “7 News – Today in Florida”

      My answers is NO. They are completely different. Plus, they are owned by different people.

      WTVJ 6 (NBC) = NBCUniversal
      WSVN 7 (FOX) = Sunbeam Television Corporation


      • Yes, it is a race. I think WSVN 7 is #1 in most timeslots, including 10:00 p.m. where they stoke/dominate the competition’s 11:00 p.m. newscasts by a longshot.

        The last time I checked on SFL TV ratings, over 200K would watch “7 News at 10:00,” every night. Yeah, it’s that hot.


  2. Does WPLG use the”If it bleeds it leeds” format on their newscasts. I read somewhere that WPLG has adopted WSVN’s news format on their newscasts.


    • Yes! WPLG 10 is starting to become more tabloid to try to compete against WSVN. Before WPLG was sold, Graham Media Group’s vice president of… well I forgot. It was a she (Emily Barr) and she said that she liked Channel 7’s format and wanted it copy it, with some tweaks, to Channel 10.

      That’s why I don’t watch Channel 10. They are trying to copy other stations to win newscasts. That’s some bull-s***


  3. There are even debates whether newscast that use tabloid and infotainment type formats are even considered real newscasts. Critics of tabloid type format newscasts call it infotainment instead of news.


  4. Have you ever been to Canada, Europe or Australia and if so have you ever watched their newscasts and if so does Canadian, European and Australian TV News use tabloid formats or are they more traditional regular straightforward type news formats?


  5. I last I checked think Rick Sanchez a formal WSVN news anchor now is a CNN News anchor or correspondent unless he moved to another network.


  6. WHDH for example still gets 3rd place with no 4:30am newscast beating WBZ (CBS O&O). There doing just fine, and do even better in the demo sometimes.


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