KYOU is adding a local newscast at 9:00 p.m., starting tomorrow.

KYOU-TV 15 / Ottumwa, IA – Kirksville, MO (“FOX 15”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Ottumwa in Iowa and Kirksville in Missouri. A market that I don’t even cover much and that’s because the only local news operation in that market is KTVO. However, a new fresh local newscast is coming to that market starting tomorrow and no… its not coming from KTVO.

Starting tomorrow, Monday November 2nd, 2015, KYOU 15 will be adding a half-hour weeknight-only local newscast at 9:00 p.m. called KYOU News at 9:00. The new newscast will make history as the area’s first-ever primetime newscast as Sinclair’s KTVO 3 (ABC/CBS) won’t be able to offer one at that time. I don’t know who will anchor the broadcast but KYOU First Alert Weather will be delivered by Chief Meteorologist Matt Holiner. However, there is a side to this that the press will probably won’t tell you…

… You see, even though Matt is Chief Meteorologist for KYOU 15, he is actually a meteorologist for sister station WXIX 19 (FOX) in Cincinnati, meaning that this could actually and potentially be a production of WXIX 19 out of Cincinnati with locally-based reporters in Ottumwa and Kirksville. KYOU 15 and WXIX 19 are sister stations through Raycom Media because WXIX 19 is owned outright by Raycom and KYOU 15 is operated by Raycom under a SSA with the owners American Spirit Media, LLC, therefore making KYOU 15 and WXIX 19, sister stations.

The new newscast will be seen again weeknights at 11:00 p.m., 90 minutes after the original airing. This will provide the area’s first serious newscast as an alternative to KTVO 3’s newscasts, which has been the ONLY local fully functioning news department to serve market #200.

But this is something good to see in this very small market. Congrats to KYOU 15 on its first-ever newscast.


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