WYZZ adds a weekend 9:00 p.m. newscast, produced by WMBD.

WYZZ-TV 43 / Bloomington – Normal – Peoria (“WYZZ”)
WMBD-TV 31 / Peoria – Bloomington (“WMBD”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: If you live in Central Illinois, chances are that you haven’t had weekend primetime news in years. That is until now.

Just recently, WYZZ 43 has added the weekend edition of WYZZ News at 9:00. The weekend half-hour newscast is produced by their sister station WMBD 31 through a LMA with WMBD 31’s owner Nexstar and WYZZ 43’s owner Cunningham which is basically a sidecar company to Sinclair which owns WHOI 19 (ABC/CW) but is managed there by WEEK 25 (NBC)’s owner, Qunicy Newspapers under a JSA/SSA. See how all of Peoria’s stations are connected to one another in someway? Anyways, the newscast was already on Sundays but has now since expanded to Saturdays as well for a half-hour, continuing as the area’s ONLY local primetime newscast at 9:00 p.m. The newscast was on Sundays already but now that the college football season has ended, the newscast is now seen on Saturdays as well.

WYZZ 43 used to have a weekend newscast before, until it was canceled a few years after the weeknight newscast debuted in 2002. By the way, WYZZ 43’s technically sister station WMBD 31 recently launched its news operation in HD, becoming the first station in the market to do so and WYZZ’s nightly 9:00 p.m. newscast was included in the upgrade (WEEK 25 and WHOI 19 broadcast in 16:9 widescreen SD).

So there you go Central Illinois, weekend primetime news that you haven’t had in a while is back in the market. Thank you WMBD for doing this.


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