KWKT is expanding its half-hour 9:00 p.m. newscast to weekends.

KWKT-TV 44 / Waco – Killeen – Temple (“FOX 44”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: KWKT is expanding its news programming in Early 2016 with a supposed launch of its own news department. But the expansion already starts in the new year…

Starting this upcoming Saturday, January 2nd, 2016, KWKT 44 will be expanding its half-hour 9:00pm newscast to weekends with a half-hour weekend edition of FOX 44 News at 9:00. The newscast will remain as Central Texas and Brazos Valley’s ONLY primetime newscast. The half-hour nightly newscast is currently produced by KETK 56 (NBC) in Tyler – Longview until the new local news department launches in Early 2016.

This newscast is also simulcast on KYLE 28.2 (MyTV) which is a full direct simulcast of KWKT 44. KWKT 44 and KYLE 28 used to be FOX affiliates for Central Texas (Waco/Temple/Killeen) and the Brazos Valley (Bryan/College Station) respectively until Nexstar bought the two stations from ComCorp two years ago (with the sale finalized earlier this year) and split the two stations apart earlier this year with KWKT 44 remaining as a FOX affiliate while KYLE 28 became a MyTV affiliate

This is the first true tale sign that KWKT 44 is expanding its newscast and is ready to add more local news.


One thought on “KWKT is expanding its half-hour 9:00 p.m. newscast to weekends.

  1. The Waco TV market for some reason in the past 25 years has had major national news stories out of the cities in their TV Market. Back in 1991 there was a mass shooting at a restaurant in Killeen which Killeen is in the Waco TV Market where a man drove a pickup into the restaurant and shot and killed 23 people. Then the Branch Dividend Compound story in 1993 in Waco. Then the Fort Hood Shootings in 2009 in Tempe where Tempe is also in the Waco Market. Then you had a major explosion at a fertilizer plant again in Waco in 2013 and then the Biker Gang Shootout in Waco again earlier this year. In 25 years that’s a major national news story out the Waco TV Market every 5 years if you break it down in a 25 year period. Something about the Waco TV market and major national news coming out of it every so often.


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