WCSC will expand their morning newscast by an hour on their digital subchannel.

WCSC-TV 5 / Charleston, SC (“LIVE 5”)
WCSC-DT 5.3 / Charleston, SC (“Bounce Charleston”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: We broke the news two days ago that WTAT was ready to switch news providers from WCSC to WCIV. But it seems like WCSC is not ready to give up one of its newscasts, just yet…

Starting Monday January 4th, 2016, WCSC 5 will expand its weekday morning newscast by an hour by offering LIVE 5 News This Morning at 7:00am on Bounce Charleston. That’s right. WCSC 5 will expand its weekday morning newscast to 7:00am on its third digital subchannel, known as Bounce Charleston (WCSC 5.2). The announcement was made on Christmas Eve by WCSC 5’s weekday morning anchor Kyle Jordan on Twitter (@KyleLive5):

What this means is that WCSC 5’s 7:00am morning newscast on Bounce Charleston will become the second morning newscast after 7:00am in the South Carolina Lowcountry after WTAT 24 (FOX)’s FOX 24 Morning News, which will soon be produced by WCIV 4 (ABC). But unlike WCSC 5, WTAT 24’s morning newscast will soon become two hours while WCSC 5’s 7:00am newscast will only be just one hour. Plus, it will preempt two episodes of The Newlywed Game from its Bounce Charleston schedule. The newscast will be anchored by Kyle Jordan (as you saw above) with LIVE 5 First Alert Weather from AMS-CBM/Sealed Meteorologist Justin Lock. This won’t be the only change though…

Starting tomorrow morning at 10:00am, Bounce Charleston will move from WCSC 5.3 to WCSC 5.2 as LIVE 5 Plus (Ind/This TV) will move from WCSC 5.2 to WCSC 5.3 and will stop broadcasting as LIVE 5 Plus all together as it switches affiliations from This TV to Grit, which consists of action movies and shows with a male-focus in mind.

According to LIVE5News.com, you can find both Bounce Charleston and Grit on the following channels if you live in the Charleston area, as of 10:00am tomorrow morning:

  • Bounce Charleston:
    • Antenna: WCSC 5.2
    • Comcast Cable Channel 212
    • WOW Channel 146
    • Time Warner Cable Channel 111
    • Home Channel 116
  • Grit:
    • Antenna: WCSC 5.3
    • Comcast Cable Channel 213
    • Home Channel 113

This won’t be the first time that WCSC 5 produced an hour-long 7:00am morning newscast as they have done so for years for WTAT 24. That is until tomorrow when WTAT 24 airs its last WCSC 5-produced newscasts and will then switch over to WCIV 4-produced newscasts on New Year’s Day.

Some exciting times in Charleston and The South Carolina Lowcountry, indeed.


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