WLWT will soon offer Cincinnati’s third option for news at 10:00 p.m.

WLWT 5 / Cincinnati (“WLWT News 5”)
WLWT-DT 5.2 / Cincinnati (“Me-TV Cincinnati”)

Soon in Cincinnati, there will be no excuse for local news at 10:00pm because WLWT will make sure there is no excuse…

Starting Monday January 11th, 2016, WLWT 5 will add a half-hour nightly 10:00 p.m. newscast on its digital subchannel, WLWT 5.2: Me-TV Cincinnati. This new newscast will compete against WKRC 12 (CBS) on WSTR 64 (MyTV)’s Local 12 News at 10:00 on Star 64 (half-hour; nightly) and the already established and #1 WXIX 19 (FOX)’s FOX 19 NOW at 10:00 (hour-long; nightly). Only WCPO 9 (ABC) will not offer a primetime newscast.

The newscast will be anchored on weeknights by Sheree Paolello (WLWT veteran), Weather from Chief Meteorologist Kevin Robinson and Sports with sports director George Vogel. Mike Dardis, who anchors at 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 and 11:00pm with Sheree, will not be a part of the 10:00pm newscast.

WLWT 5’s President and GM, Richard Dyer:

“We feel that having one anchor fully focused and preparing for the 11 p.m. newscast is best for our operation. We will feature the very latest and updated top stories of the day. Me-TV Cincinnati has been one of the top performing affiliates in the country since its 2011 debut and we’re pleased to offer a nightly newscast option to those viewers at the earlier 10 p.m. hour.”

Me-TV Cincinnati can be seen on the following in the area:

  • Channel 5.2
  • Time Warner Cable:
    • Channel 993 in Ohio
    • Channel 188 in Kentucky
  • Cincinnati Bell Fioptics:
    • Channels 23 and 291

So yet, another option for local news at 10:00 p.m. in the Cincy Tri-State. Thank you WLWT 5 because when FOX Sports preempts WXIX 19 (FOX)’s 10:00pm news, at least we’ll have a few alternatives to turn to.


5 thoughts on “WLWT will soon offer Cincinnati’s third option for news at 10:00 p.m.

  1. Maybe in the future WLWT will get a 4:00pm newscast or 9:00am newscast since Hearst TV stations have been adding local news lately. I think that Hearst TV stations are starting to abandon syndicated daytime programming in favor of local news. To me A station investing in daytime syndicated programming is a big give away and welfare to big corporations and at the same time does not have any local value to them like local newscasts do because that’s why one of the reason is why I think national syndicated programming cost more for a station to run then a local newscast because the syndication fees partly pay for these hosts salaries. For example I heard Judge Judy makes over 30 million dollars a year and the high syndication fees stations pay to carry her show is one reason its more expensive for a station to put Judge Judy on then a local newscast same for Oprah when she was on and the Doctors, Ellen, and Dr. Phil.


  2. If I want to watch the news, I will watch it at 11. I will be switching channels at 10 o’clock to see something entertaining. Dumb move on your part, wlw.


    • * WLWT.

      And most of us watch news at 10:00pm now, myself included, because most don’t want to stay up at 11:00pm to watch the news anymore. Yes, its an option but one that most people don’t take anymore.


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