WNBC, KNBC, WTVJ and WVIT are all adding hour-long 4:00 p.m. newscasts in late May.

WNBC 4 / New York (“NBC 4 New York”)
KNBC 4 / Los Angeles (“NBC 4 Southern California”)
WTVJ 6 / Miami – Ft. Lauderdale (“NBC 6 South Florida”)
WVIT 30 / New Britain – Hartford – New Haven (“NBC Connecticut”)

As one syndicated program got canceled today, some of NBC O&O’s will take advantage by adding new newscasts…

Starting in late May, WNBC 4 in New York, KNBC 4 in Los Angeles, WTVJ 6 in my home market of Miami and WVIT 30 in Connecticut will add an hour-long weekday 4:00pm newscast. For WNBC 4 (News 4 New York at 4:00) and WVIT 30 (NBC Connecticut News at 4:00), it will be their first time at 4:00pm while for KNBC 4 (NBC 4 News at 4:00) and WTVJ 6 (NBC 6 News at 4:00), it will be their second time go around at this.

This all comes after the syndication division of NBC cancels Meredith Vieira’s talk show today, The Meredith Vieira Show after two seasons, with poor and failing ratings to blame for the ax. WNBC 4, KNBC 4, WTVJ 6 and WVIT 30 will all move up their other syndicated shows, Steve Harvey and Ellen, up an hour to 2:00 and 3:00pm respectively.

NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations’ President, Valari Staab:

“Our stations have done a great job building their news teams, enterprising stories and delivering our viewers the local news, weather and information that is important to them. Our new 4 PM newscasts will expand on our local news commitment and offer our viewers even more of what they’re looking for.”

Already within NBC’s O&O division, WCAU 10 in Philadelphia (NBC 10 News at 4:00), KXAS 5 in Dallas – Ft. Worth (NBC 5 News – First at 4:00), WRC 4 in Washington, D.C. (News 4 at 4:00) and KNSD 39 (Cable 7) in San Diego (NBC 7 News at 4:00) already broadcast weekday hour-long newscasts at 4:00pm. In those markets, Steve Harvey (shown for three more seasons after the current one) already broadcasts at 2:00pm followed by Ellen (which was renewed today for an additional five seasons, running until 2020) already at 3:00pm.

After this expansion, only WMAQ 5 in Chicago will have a half-hour 4:30pm newscast (NBC 5 News at 4:30) while KNTV 11 in San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose will be the ONLY station in the NBC O&O division to continue to start its early-evening news at 5:00pm.

NBC O&O stations are continuing to step up in a big way in terms of local news and they’re ready to make this commitment to broadcast more local news, even if that means being earlier in the afternoon.


2 thoughts on “WNBC, KNBC, WTVJ and WVIT are all adding hour-long 4:00 p.m. newscasts in late May.

  1. Good NBC the alternative to FOX needs to expand news on their stations and give Faux a good hard run for their money since in the past 2 years FOX stations have been expanding their news right and left. It looks like in 2016 FOX stations are for a third year in a row are expanding news right and left again since this blog is reporting mostly FOX affiliate TV stations are expanding newscast again. The great news is WNBC will get to compete with WABC 4:00pm newscast and the 10,000 hours plus of local newscasts will continue in the NYC TV Market if you count all the broadcast stations, 24-hour local cable all day news channels in the NYC Market NY 1, News 12 Networks, Fios 1, local neighborhood public access channels in the NYC area that broadcast local news for their areas and local cable sports channels such as Sportsnet. And now I can say welcome back 4:00pm newscast on channel 4 in LA since KNBC use to have a 4:00pm newscast back in 2002 but was cancelled to make room for Dr. Phil when it started in 2002 and was on KNBC before it moved to KCBS. And the good news is maybe KOB-TV in my city of Albuquerque will get a 4:00pm newscast because Comcast is the main cable TV provider in the ABQ TV Market and NBC owns Comcast and NBC stations in TV Markets where Comcast is the main CATV provider is somewhat of a defacto NBC O&O station. So god bless the local news.


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