A small minor newscast change… #57

KOSA-TV 7 / Odessa – Midland, TX (“CBS 7”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small change is coming for West Texas and it will be about time that KOSA does something that its rivals are already doing…

Starting Monday February 1st (The Week of Super Bowl 50), KOSA 7 will expand its weekday morning newscast, CBS 7 Morning News, by a half-hour to 5:00am. KOSA 7 will be the last station to do so after KMID 2 (ABC) expanded to 5:00am last year (with Wake Up West Texas) while KWES 9 (NBC) has had a 5:00am start in such a long time and was the first station to expand to this timeslot (with Newswest 9 Early Sunrise).

The weekday morning newscast is anchored by Krista Escamilla (who is returning from maternity leave) and KOSA 7’s NWA/Sealed Chief Meteorologist Greg Morgan who also handles the weather duties.

But other than that, there are no major additions or expansions to report to at this time.


10 thoughts on “A small minor newscast change… #57

  1. The KOSA-TV 7 logo is one of the ugliest TV station logos in the Grand United States of America. KOSA-TV needs to seriously update their number 7 logo and make it more modern. Maybe they should update their logo to look like WHIO-TV 7, or KIRO-TV 7 logo or just have the number 7 look more straight then curvy looking.


  2. And speaking of KXGN and Alaska I have no idea why Glendive and Juneau are in the DMA Market rankings I don’t think any stations in Juneau produce local newscasts I think they all simulcast their news from the Anchorage stations and KXGN in Glendive I think only produces 2 5 minute news bulletins and the rest of the news is simulcasted from KULR in . The DMA rankings need an overhaul. And I have no idea why there are TV stations from larger markets such as WHAG in Hagerstown (Washington DC) WMUR Manchester (Boston) and WYMT-TV Hazard (Lexington) and KBTX, KAGS, KHRD College Station/Bryan (Waco) and each of these cities should break from the larger TV markets and become their own DMA Market.


      • Then if KXGN no longer has local newscasts then Glendive should be eliminated from the DMA and merge with the Billings TV Market. KENV-TV 10 in Elko even has news. I think KENV produces its own separate morning newscast either at 6:00am or 6:30am and simulcasts the rest of their news from KRNV. Elko would be more deserving of its own DMA since that station at least produces some of its own news then Glendive. Like I said I think the way Neilson conducts its DMA rankings needs to be updated and needs a an overhaul. Nielsen may still be stuck in the past when it comes to the way they conduct is DMA markets and rankings.


      • Look at an video on YouTube of the local newscast that KXGN produced its Weeknight newscast from the CBS affiliate in Glendive, Montana (the nation’s smallest DMA). Commercials are included. Its a one man produced and reported newscast anchored by Ed Agre. The newscast looks like something from the 70’s the YouTube newscast was from 2004. KXGN-TV 10:35pm News, June 29, 2004


    • Btw, WHAG, WMUR, WYMT have all done well.

      And two markets in one? Its kinda awesome but not, except for KBTX which is still considered as the only fully-staffed and fully-produced news department in all of The Brazos Valley.


      • In my city of Albuquerque KBIM-TV 10 in Roswell which Roswell is part of the ABQ DMA use to produce its own newscasts at 5:30pm and 10:00pm but KBIM canned their own newscasts and now KBIM gets all their news from KRQE. KOBR-TV 8 a satellite to KOB-TV also in Roswell use to produce its own 15 minute newscasts for Roswell and Eastern New Mexico during the 6 and 10 pm newscasts but they stopped it also same for KOBF-TV 12 in Farmington and KREZ-TV 6 in Durango which also serves Farmington use to produce their own news inserts for the Four Corners Region but both stations also discontinued the newscasts.


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