WPEC will soon add a morning newscast in this particular timeslot and will compete against WPBF.

WPEC 12 / West Palm Beach – Boca Raton – Ft. Pierce (“CBS 12”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: I know that Jeremy sent me a tip about this last week but I waited till now to make sure that this wasn’t a one-week thing or some sort of week-long specials. After checking out the TV listings, this will happen in the WPB TV market…

Starting this Monday, January 11th, WPEC 12 will add an hour-long weekday morning newscast at 9:00am with another hour of CBS 12 News This Morning. The expanded hour at 9:00am will be on after CBS This Morning and will replace Dr. Phil, which will remain on the station at 4:00pm since the 9:00am episode was considered a repeat of the previous day or previous week’s episode.

The new newscast will be anchored by Suzanne Boyd and Eric Roby (two long-time WPEC 12 veterans since 1998 and 2001 respectively) with CBS 12 StormTrack Weather from AMS/Sealed Meteorologist Chris Farrell (another long-time WPEC 12 veteran since 1990). Suzanne, Eric and Chris are already part of the 4:30-7:00am and 12:00 half-hour Noon news. This becomes the second station to add a 9:00am newscast in WPB in less than a year…

Earlier late last year in 2015 in September, WPBF 25 added an hour-long weekday 9:00am newscast that goes on after their national morning show, Good Morning America. They added theirs to replace The Meredith Vieira Show from 10:00am to overnights, which we’re now learning its being cancelled and pushes Dr. Oz to 10:00am.

This can surprise a lot in the media industry because its CBS and ABC affiliates in WPB that are adding 9:00am news and not the FOX affiliate in WPB, WFLX 29 (with its weekday morning news produced by WPTV 5 from 7:00-9:00am) because usually, its the FOX stations/affiliates that are on at 9:00am and not on others. But we’ve seen stations that offer news at 9:00am that aren’t FOX affiliates like WXCW 46 (Cable 6) in Ft. Myers (CW), WFTS 28 in Tampa (ABC), WJXT 4 in Jacksonville (Ind), KSLA 12 in Shreveport (CBS), KRON 4 in San Francisco (MyTV) and WHDH 7 in Boston (NBC).

So now there’s a news race at 9:00am in WPB. Who would’ve thought, right? But its happening so congrats WPB. You’re more exciting than the Miami market.


2 thoughts on “WPEC will soon add a morning newscast in this particular timeslot and will compete against WPBF.

  1. You forgot KTVK-TV 3 in Phoenix, KTLA,KMAX in Sacramento, KUSI in one of my favorite cities San Diego, and WGN that are FOX stations.


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