WTAE is ready to add news on a movie-focused subchannel.

WTAE-TV 4 / Pittsburgh (“WTAE 4”)
WTAE-DT 4.2 / Pittsburgh (“This TV Pittsburgh”)

WTAE is about to do something quite unusual… add a local newscast on a subchannel that is focused on movies.

Starting Monday February 1st, WTAE 4 will add a half-hour weeknight 7:00pm newscast on its digital subchannel WTAE 4.2, otherwise known as This TV Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 at 7:00 on This TV Pittsburgh will be anchored by Jackie Cain and Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 Weather from AMS-CBM & NWA/Sealed Chief Meteorologist Mike Harvey.

From left: AMS-CBM & NWA/Sealed Chief Meteorologist Mike Harvey and anchor Jackie Cain, members of WTAE’s newest newscast on its digital subchannel.

WTAE 4’s President and General Manager, Charles W. Wolfertz III:

“We understand viewers are constantly looking for news, no matter what time of the day. Our new 7 p.m. newscast will give viewers more options to get news and weather information when they want it. Whether it’s on our traditional broadcast station, on-line, or on a mobile device, WTAE Channel 4 is always looking for more ways to make it convenient for our viewers to get the local news and weather that’s important to them.”

WTAE 4’s News Director, Justin Antoniotti:

“We know some people do not make it home from work in time to see Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 from 5- 6:30pm. We hope news at 7 p.m. is a more convenient time to get caught up on all the day’s news and weather.”

This creates Pittsburgh’s ONLY local newscast on at 7:00pm (two if you count WPXI 11’s PCNC, which also airs a 7:00pm newscast on cable-only). Plus, WPXI 11 (NBC) and even WTAE 4 finish at 6:30pm while at KDKA 2 (CBS), because it airs an hour-long 6:00pm newscast, finishes at 7:00pm.

This TV Pittsburgh is carried on the following:

  • Antenna: WTAE Channel 4.2
  • Comcast Cable:
    • Channels 204 (Comcast) and 188 (Comcast systems formerly owned by Adelphia)
  • Armstrong Utilities Channel 90
  • Atlantic Broadband Uniontown Channel 110
  • Consolidated Channel 15
  • Verizon FiOS Channel 461

So get ready Pittsburgh for more local news in a different timeslot.


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