First Coast News moves its Sunday morning newscast from WJXX to WTLV and expands the newscast.

WTLV 12 / Jacksonville (“WTLV NBC 12”)
WJXX 25 / Orange Park – Jacksonville (“WJXX ABC 25”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Officially, there are now no more weekend morning news on WJXX, including the Sunday morning newscast. But that doesn’t mean its officially dead yet.

Just recently, First Coast News, the combined news operation for WTLV 12 and WJXX 25 has moved its Sunday morning edition of Good Morning Jacksonville from WJXX 25 to WTLV 12. With this move, there are no more weekend morning newscasts on WJXX 25. However, this comes on a positive side.

The Sunday morning newscast, which was previously on for a half-hour at 7:00am, gets expanded to a full hour on WTLV 12 from 7:00-8:00am. This full hour now fully competes against WJXT 4 (Ind)’s 7:00am hour of The Morning Show and against WFOX 30 (FOX)’s Action News Jax This Morning at 7:00am on FOX 30 for local weekend morning news in that timeslot in the market.

WJXX 25 continues to air weekend newscasts at 6:30 (solo) and 11:00pm (with WTLV 12) while WTLV 12 now handles weekend mornings (solo) and weekends at 6:00 (solo) and 11:00pm (with WJXX 25).

It seems like WTLV 12 is pulling away as the real station to watch for more expanded newscasts, but WJXX 25 is still a great addition to the First Coast News operation.


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