A small minor newscast change… #63

WCMH-TV 4 / Columbus (“NBC 4”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A very small minor change that took place in Central Ohio, very quietly…

WCMH 4 has just recently and quietly, expanded their Saturday morning newscast by an hour to 5:00am. NBC 4 Today is now up at the same time on Saturdays as WSYX 6 (ABC)’s ABC 6 News – Good Day Columbus and WBNS 10 (CBS)’s 10TV News This Morning and competes against both stations at 6:00am while it only competes against WTTE 28 (FOX; WSYX 6’s sister station) at 8:00am.

The weekend morning edition of NBC 4 Today is anchored by Monica Day with StormTeam 4 Weather from AMS-CBM/Sealed Meteorologist Harrison Hove.

But other than that, there are no other major additions or expansions to report on at this time.


3 thoughts on “A small minor newscast change… #63

  1. The Columbus TV Markets needs to get local news at 4:00pm for some reason the Columbus TV Market does not have a 4:00pm newscast. I think WBNS would likely be the station to get 4:00pm news if the Columbus TV Market gets 4:00pm news.


  2. Jeremy,

    Columbus actually had a 4pm newscast from WCMH. After a year it failed after they cut it down to 30 minutes. A 4pm newscast don’t make sense for the stations as they all have strong lead in at 4pm, WCMH has Ellen, WSYX has Judge Judy and WBNS has Dr. Phil. They are making money off their lead ins.

    The only one I realistically seeing happen is WTTE getting a 4pm from WSYX, but the thought process there is why have it when it eat into Judge Judy’s rating.

    For people OUTSIDE of Columbus, Our market don’t make sense but also to point out Roly. It sounds like WSYX will have sunday mornings from 5am to 6:30am to themselves.


    • Well WSYX already does on Sunday mornings.

      And yeah… “FOX 28 News at 4:00” or “FOX 28 News at 6:30” would make any sense. I think WTTE will get 6:30pm news first than 4:00pm news, IMO.


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