WHDH is going to do some “7 at 7:00,” starting March 7th.

WHDH 7 / Boston (“7 NBC”)

WHDH is playing around with some onomatopoeia, in terms of numbers. Look at the title I made for this story and hope that after you read that… you realize what I’m about to report.

The 7:00pm Boston TV news race is about to go from zero to two stations in just two months, starting Monday March 7th with WHDH 7 launching a half-hour 7:00pm newscast. 7 News at 7:00 will air on weeknights ONLY and will compete against WCVB 5 (ABC)’s NewsCenter 5 at 7:00, which was launched last month.

WHDH 7’s Vice President and General Manager, Paul Magnes:

“Adding a 7PM newscast only reaffirms our commitment to news and the people of New England. We will continue to be innovative and invest in the future of 7 News and this community.”

WHDH 7’s News Director, Linda Miele:

“Life is so demanding, we want to make it easy for people to stay informed and get connected at a time that works for them. Our new 7 p.m. newscast will help them do that.”

The new half-hour 7:00pm newscast will be anchored by Kim Khazei and Adam Williams with 7 Weather from AMS-CBM/Sealed Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner and 7 Sports from long-time WHDH 7 sports veteran, Joe Amorosino.

This comes as a good and reassuring time for WHDH 7 as, currently an NBC affiliate, is set to lose its NBC status in 2017 and will more likely go as an Independent. Currently WHDH 7 and owners at Sunbeam Television are fighting the loss of the NBC affiliation in court with NBCUniversal to hopefully continue to have NBC on Channel 7. If they do lose NBC, then WHDH 7 will continue its news operation and therefore, this new weeknight 7:00pm newscast won’t be short lived.

The Boston TV news saga continues with a brand new newscast from WHDH 7. And things just got more interesting.


10 thoughts on “WHDH is going to do some “7 at 7:00,” starting March 7th.

  1. Its too bad it wasn’t a 4:30am newscast. It has taken 50,000 eons or forever in a day for WHDH to get a 4:30am morning newscast but I,m optimistic they will get a 4:30am newscast when they go independent since Early Today currently airs at 4:30am on WHDH and they will probably more then likely fill in Early Today with a local newscast. I think WHDH was the first TV station in the Boston TV Market to get their current 5:00am newscast. I think they started their morning news at 5:00am when WHDH switched to NBC in 1995 which back in 1995 5:00am news was very early for news to start back in 1995 5:30am and 6:00am were normal start times for morning newscasts.


      • Back in 1995 Sunbeam did not think it was too crazy to start news early WHDH was the first TV station in the Boston market to start news at 5:00am and this was back in 1995 before 5:00am was common place. It is also a double standard for Sunbeam to think it is too crazy to start news real early because back when Sunbeam bought WSVN and dropped its NBC affiliation they expanded news on WSVN at odd hours back at that time such as 7:00am, 8:00am and a 2 hour local news block in the evening. There was an article I read somewhere back from 1988 when WSVN went independent and people thought at the time the news expansion on WSVN would not make it and that no one would watch news at the expanded hours and now the timeslots that WSVN has news on is now common place and evidently Sunbeam does not think it is too crazy to put local news in the tabloid if it leads and bleeds format so Sunbeam needs to really take a good look at themselves or sell their stations and get out of the news business.


  2. Once WHDH goes independent I wonder if they will keep their 7:00pm newscast or move it to 6:30pm to fill in the current NBC NIGHTLY NEWS slot or get a new 6:30pm newscast along with the 7:00pm newscast or maybe expand their new 7:00pm newscast to an hour.


  3. If NBC were to make a bid to buy WHDH from Sunbeam it would avoid the confusion in the Boston TV Market about NBC switching channels. Why not NBC bought COMCAST so it would not hurt for them to make a bid to Sunbeam to buy WHDH.


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