WTVC will soon have a bigger “Good Morning Chattanooga,” but over on its second digital subchannel.

WTVC 9 / Chattanooga (“NewsChannel 9”)
WTVC-DT 9.2 / Chattanooga (“FOX Chattanooga”)

Chattanooga and Southern East Tennessee has weekday morning news after 7:00am, but its only for an hour. But coming soon, WTVC will make it two hours. Here’s the catch… it will be on their second digital subchannel, which is home to FOX.

Starting Monday April 4th, WTVC 9 will be expanding its weekday morning newscast, Good Morning Chattanooga, by another two hours. The newscast will air on its second digital subchannel on WTVC-DT 9.2, which is currently known as FOX Chattanooga and the station is promoting it as NewsChannel 9’s Good Morning Chattanooga – The FOX Edition. The expanded weekday morning newscast will air from 7:00-9:00am and will complement WTVC 9’s already existing 4:30-7:00am block of its weekday morning newscast.

The weekday morning newscast will continued to be anchored by WTVC 9’s current weekday morning news team, mentioned in the upcoming quote, anchors Sarah Jennings and Greg Funderburg, StormTrack 9 Weather with AMS/Sealed Meteorologist Brian Smith, morning traffic reports from Beth Neuhoff and LIVE morning reports with Drew Bollea, who also occasionally fills-in as an anchor during the weekday morning broadcast.

From left: Drew Bollea, Brian Smith, Sarah Jennings, Greg Funderburg and Beth Neuhoff.

WTVC 9’s General Manager, Mike Costa:

“Extending the Good Morning Chattanooga brand to FOX Chattanooga with GMC FOX Edition gives viewers a local news option in the 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. hours. We know many viewers want and need local news, traffic and weather after the 7 a.m. hour when the network shows originate from New York City. Now they can continue to depend on the team of Sarah Jennings, Greg Funderburg, Brian Smith, Drew Bollea and Beth Neuhoff to keep them better informed every day on FOX Chattanooga with GMC FOX Edition.”

WTVC 9’s News Director, Tom Henderson:

GMC FOX Edition will feature much of the same great news, weather and traffic coverage that viewers want. But the show will have a more relaxed, laid back feel – much like our weekend edition. There will be more lifestyle and human interest stories, as well as interviews with local news makers.”

In terms of competition, it will compete against WDEF 12 (CBS)’s hour-long 7:00am weekday morning newscast on its second digital subchannel, Bounce Chattanooga on WDEF 12.2 (Bounce TV). But at 8:00am, it will be all alone as WDEF 12’s weekday morning broadcast only runs from 5:00-8:00am while WTVC 9 will now run from 4:30-9:00am after the expansion debut.

This is very exciting news for those living in Chattanooga and in Southern East Tennessee with yet even more weekday morning news. Good job, WTVC 9 for this expansion. I hope viewers can enjoy it.


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