WAGT is now airing local news, produced by WRDW (AGAIN).

WAGT 26 / Augusta, GA – Aiken, SC (“NBC 26”)
WRDW-TV 12 / Augusta, GA – Aiken, SC (“News 12”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: The last two months in the Central Savannah River TV market has been a mess! As I quote famous TV sports show host Gonzalo “Papi” LeBatard (son of Miami Herald columnist and sports talk radio show host, Dan LeBatard) would say… Thank god, this is over.

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KCWI to start airing local newscasts, produced by WOI.

KCWI-TV 23 / Ames – Des Moines (“KCWI 23 – The CW”)
WOI-DT 5 / Ames – Des Moines (“Local 5”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG (other than The Des Moines Register): If you’ve been living under a rock by now, KCWI is now owned by Nexstar Broadcast Group, making it a sister station to WOI. NOW, those changes are starting to come into effect and starting soon, KCWI will air news… produced by WOI.

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