WDCW in D.C. is to air a primetime newscast… produced by Richmond’s WTVR.

WDCW 50 / Washington, D.C. (“DCW Television”)
WTVR-TV 6 / Richmond – Petersburg (“CBS 6”)

Unless if you have cable in the D.C. area in which you can get an alternative 10:00pm newscast in the market (NewsChannel 8), there was no alternative as many people watch WTTG for their local news at 10:00pm. However, starting next month, all of that will change.

But there’s a twist to this… the newscast will be based out of Central Virginia.

Starting Monday April 18th, WDCW 50 will be airing D.C.’s second primetime newscast at 10:00pm with DCW 50 News at 10:00. The new half-hour nightly newscast will actually be produced and anchored by WDCW 50’s sister station, WTVR 6 (both stations are owned by Tribune Media). The newscast will feature local reporters, MMJs, sports reporters, photographers and editors that will be based at WDCW 50 in DC to contribute to the new newscast.

The newscast will be traditional with local news, sports and weather as well as national and international news coverage. The news team will be based out of WTVR 6 in Richmond and will be anchored by Candace Burns, who currently anchors WTVR 6’s weeknight 6:00 and 11:00pm newscasts. Weather will be handled by The Weather Authority on CBS 6‘s AMS/Sealed & NWA/Membered Chief Meteorologist Zach Daniel. Sports will be delivered by their sports director, Lane Casadonte.

The weekend anchor team, as well as other general assignment reporters and MMJ’s, will be announced in the coming weeks as a weekend edition will be aired as well.

This new newscast will compete against long-time leader at 10:00pm, WTTG 5 (FOX), for local news at that timeslot in the market. But the D.C. market may soon have another 10:00pm newscast coming in July as WHAG 25 (NBC) is scheduled to lose its NBC affiliation on July 1st and Nexstar is investing $1 million towards its new operation, including adding another 20 hours of local news per week. Its something that they may add to schedule so I’ll keep an eye on it and if they do, I will surely let you know on THE Leader in The Latest News about Local Newscasts.

Anyways, D.C. will FINALLY receive an alternative to WTTG 5’s long-running 10:00pm newscast. I just hope it goes well.


10 thoughts on “WDCW in D.C. is to air a primetime newscast… produced by Richmond’s WTVR.

  1. Back in the mid 1990’s WDCA use to have a 30 minute local prime time 10:00pm newscast. I was ironically produced by Newschannel 8.


  2. It will be interesting to see what WHAG will look like once it loses its NBC affiliation. With WHAG going independent and if they dramatically expand news. DC Market may end up becoming a news saturated Market like Boston, Charlotte, Orlando in your state of Florida, and San Diego are.


  3. I think when WHAG goes independent it might look like WFMZ in Philly in terms of news and newscast times. WFMZ is licensed to the Philly Market but the station is in Allentown/Bethlehem suburbs of Philly and I think WFMZ news is more focused on Allentown/Bethlehem more so then Philly and WHAG is licensed in the DC Market but is in Hagerstown and Hagerstown is a suburb of DC and WHAG news is more focused for Hagerstown. Both WFMZ and WHAG are UHF stations.


    • Yeah I have a feeling that may be the case.

      And yeah… you do make a good point that I didn’t realize until now that WHAG and WFMZ are BOTH UHF stations.

      Soon to be both UHF and Independent stations.


  4. WDCW and WHAG should definitely be interesting. Hagerstown ending its 46-year union with NBC… other than just newscasts, I would imagine some local non-news type shows.

    Tribune opting for a more traditional newscast over the NewsFix format… interesting that Tribune picked Richmond sister station to produce the newscast, vs. DC station. It’s been rumored off and on over the past several years of Tribune mulling over selling some of its stations to pay off debts.


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