WJTV has now added local news at 4:00 p.m. as a sign to compete against WLBT.

WJTV 12 / Jackson (“WJTV 12”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: It seems like WJTV is ready to amp up its news operations to strategically compete against WLBT. And a new newscast for the station may do it…

Since yesterday, Monday March 14th, WJTV 12 has added a weekday half-hour 4:00pm newscast to its newscast schedule. WJTV 12 at 4:00 is the newest newscast and competes against WLBT 3 (NBC)’s long-established half-hour 4:00pm weekday newscast for local news in the market in that timeslot.

However, this is nothing new for the station. Back in 2014, I FIRST reported that WJTV 12 added a 15-minute online-ONLY newscast from 4:00-4:15pm which targeted, of course, those who primarily get their news online. But now, it seems like they moved the newscast from online to TV and has since expanded it from 15 minutes to a full half-hour.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: WJTV 12 used to air two episodes of Family Feud at 4:00 and 4:30pm, but now due to the new 4:00pm newscast, only one episode of Feud now airs at 4:30pm, which leads into their local news at 5:00pm.

So more local news from WJTV 12 to hopefully compete with the 1,000-ton gorilla WLBT 3. I don’t know if this will be successful, but at least they are giving it a shot.


3 thoughts on “WJTV has now added local news at 4:00 p.m. as a sign to compete against WLBT.

  1. My city of Albuquerque needs a second station with 4:00pm news. Even a smaller TV then ABQ Market like Jackson Jackson MS Market in the poorest state in the union has more stations with 4:00pm news then ABQ. The Albuquerque TV Market is starting to be a crappy or Sh**** TV Market. The ABQ TV Market is really starting to be an embarrassment. I have had thoughts to move away from ABQ just because the ABQ Market is starting to suck when it comes to local newz. But I am optimistic that this year there will be a second TV station in the ABQ TV Market will get 4:00pm news either KOB-TV or KOAT. With NBC stations getting 4:00pm newscasts I am oppismistic that KOB will get a 4:00pm newscast. With Hearst Stations expanding news which owns KOAT and also WAPT in the Jackson, MS TV Market ,I think KOAT will either get a midday or 4:00pm newscast. PS one of my favorite TV Markets which I think is the best TV Market in the Grand United States of America that has the most local news stations and a great wide choice for local news is San Diego, Dont’t be hurt in your state of Florida I would put the Orlando TV Market as a very good TV Market with a wide choice of stations for local news. Charlotte comes in a good third with a good amount of station and choices for local news. If I could afford to move I would move to San Diego partly because of the good amount of newz that TV Market has to offer along with the warm weather year round, and the palm trees and the beach where I would be a beach bum.


  2. I think WJTV is also owned by Media General soon to be Nexstar the same company that owns KRQE-TV 13 in my sorry TV Market of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Grand United States of Amerika.


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